<strong>Man City 134.3 billion, Man United 129.6 billion… Can Tottenham win the money fight?</strong>

Can Tottenham win the money fight against Manchester City and Manchester United?

Son Heung-min’s team, Tottenham, are interested in Leipzig’s 20-year-old defender Joshko Gbardiol. However, it is unclear whether this will lead to recruitment.

Gvardiol looks mature(?) 토토 but is still a young defender. It was still popular, but the stock price went up even more as it played a significant role in helping Croatia finish third in the World Cup in Qatar. In particular, despite his nose injury, he made a stronger impression by wearing a mask and displaying his fighting spirit.

As a result, the competition to recruit Gbardiol is expected to become more intense. Local media’Givemisport’ reported that Tottenham had finished offering a transfer fee for the signing of Gvardiol.

The reason why Tottenham set the price early is because the opponent is so competitive. The odds of winning in a direct money fight with them are slim, so it seems that the amount they can give is dungeon early.

According to the media, Man City submitted a bid of 85 million pounds (about 134.3 billion won) for Gvardiol, and claimed that Manchester United offered money between 77 million pounds and 82 million pounds (about 129.6 billion won).

Gbardiol joined Leipzig from Dinamo Zagreb last summer. And after the transfer, he played an active part in Leipzig’s defensive line, participating in 46 matches in all competitions.

At the time of the transfer, the transfer fee was 16.4 million pounds, but the ransom price rose vertically in just a year and a half.