‘Lin Dong-won-Lin Chul-soon’ announces sudden retirement… Can a retirement ceremony be held at Doosan-Lotte?

A foreign ace called ‘Rin Dong-won’ and ‘Rin Cheol-soon’. Josh Lindblom (36), who represented the KBO League, has announced his retirement from active play. Will his retirement ceremony be held in Korea someday?

Lindblom announced his retirement through his SNS (social network service) on the 13th (Korean time).

He said, “Over the past 30 years of playing baseball, I’ve learned more than balls and strikes, hits and runs, and wins and losses. Baseball taught me life. And it’s baseball that made me who is writing this letter now.”

Drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the second round of the 2008 draft, Lindblom made his big league debut in 2011. Afterwards, he appeared in 110 games for four seasons until 2014, recording a record of 5 wins and 8 losses with an earned run average of 3.82.

However, he, who could hardly find a place in the big leagues, took the KBO league stage for the first time after the 2014 season. His destination is the Lotte Giants. During the following two seasons, Lindblom appeared in 62 games and was responsible for the mound at Sajik Stadium with a 4.35 ERA of 23 wins and 24 losses.

Lindblom was a warm father. After the 2016 season, Lindblom returned to the United States after giving up his contract with Lotte to focus on his daughter’s heart disease treatment. During the 2017 season, he also signed a minor contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. 안전놀이터,

Even though he went to America, he did not forget Korea. Lindblom is back in the KBO league. He returned to Lotte during the 2017 season. After the 2017 season, he moved to Doosan and played an active role as ‘Lin Cheol-soon’.

had the best time ever. In 2018, he went 15-4 with a 2.88 earned run average. Then, in 2019, he went 20-3 with an ERA of 2.50 and won the regular season MVP and Golden Glove in the pitching category. 1st in wins, strikeouts (189), winning rate (0.870). His earned run average was second. His career record in the KBO League was 63 wins, 34 losses, and an earned run average of 3.55.

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