LG troubles ‘1st base + 2nd base’…Exhibition home run king → Australian league slugger, will it become a dark horse?

 It is interesting whether Song Chan-eui (24), a promising LG Twins player, will become a dark horse that causes internal competition for the first and second base positions.

Song Chan-eui was recognized as a promising prospect last year as the home run king in an exhibition game, and this winter, he participated in the Australian Professional Baseball League as a member of Geelong Korea and recorded a batting average in the 30% range and an OPS of over .900.

In February, at the Arizona spring camp in the United States, fierce internal competition must be fought to gain the trust of new coach Yeom Kyung-yeop. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop noticed Chan-eui Song as “a hitter with a good swing” and showed a willingness to give him a chance as a first baseman and second baseman.

Chan-eui Song joined LG in the 2nd 7th round of the 2018 draft. Military service After finishing, he returned in 2021 and attracted the attention of the coaching staff with a batting average in the 30% range and a slugging percentage in the mid-50% range in the Futures League.

Last year, he participated in the 1st team spring camp and became a surprise home run king in an exhibition game. He made his name known to the fans as the home run king of the exhibition game with 6 home runs.

He made his first team debut in the opening game, but did not continue the pace of the exhibition game until the regular season. Last year, he only participated in 33 games, batting average of 2.3 6.3, 3 home runs and 10 RBIs. With an OPS of .699 in the first year of the first team, Chan-eui

Song, who finished the season with regret, wore a Geelong Korea uniform and played in the Australian League.In the Australian League, where he played to gain experience, he hit home runs in three consecutive games from the opening game and showed good results. showed a sense of impact.

Song Chan-ui, who had a batting average of .40 until the second half of the season, recorded a batting average of 3.24 (33 hits in 102 at-bats), 7 homers, 24 RBIs, and an OPS of .979 in 28 games. He has successfully accumulated experience points against unfamiliar environments and players.

In an interview on his return to Korea, Song Chan-eui said, “It was very helpful to experience various pitchers. I had a good experience, so my goal is to achieve good results this year.” He continued, “Last year, there were many things I lacked. I think it helped me while dealing with various pitchers in Australia and accumulating experience.” “I gained confidence. I think it will help.” In 안전놀이터

Australia, Song Chan-eui played as first baseman, second baseman, and occasionally as an outfielder. Manager Yeom plans to use Song Chan-eui as first and second baseman. At second base, Seo Seo They compete with Geonchang and Kim Min-seong, and at first base, they have to compete with right-handed hitter Lee Jae-won, who delayed enlisting in the military. Compared to the outfield, catcher, hot corner, and shortstop, LG’s biggest concern is 1-2 base. 

The picture LG draws is 1st base Lee Jae-won and 2nd base Seo Geon-chang. However, if Song Chan-eui shows a fierce blow, the owner can change at any time. Friendly competition can create a synergy effect.

Song Chan-eui has more points to improve. 30% in Australia He recorded a batting average, but Song Chan-eui was confident in attacking fastballs. He said, “Australian league pitchers tried to fight mainly with fastballs regardless of ball count. It seems that good results followed as they adapted to that point.” will have to work harder.

Also, the defense is still lacking in experience. Last year, there were 4 errors in 33 games in the first team and 10 errors in 62 games in the Futures League. Song Chan-eui said, “The thing I think is lacking the most is the defense. “I have to pay a lot of attention to defense. I have to make my own hitting, and I have to do my best in defense.”

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