Lee Kyung-kyu’s son-in-law? Gyeongnam Kim Young-chan “I feel more responsible than before”

“I think it’s something I should take with me… Rather, it served as an opportunity to let me know more about myself”

Gyeongnam FC defender Kim Yeong-chan (30) is famous as broadcaster ‘Lee Kyung-gyu’s son-in-law’. In 2021, he married Lee Kyung-gyu’s daughter, Lee Ye-rim.

After marriage, modifiers were added to메이저사이트 the name of Kim Young-chan. ‘Lee Kyung-gyu’s son-in-law’ changed his life a lot.

At the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Arina Hotel in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do on the morning of the 15th, Kim Young-chan expressed his honest thoughts, saying, “I think it’s something I need to take with me.”

He said, “This served as an opportunity to let me know more about myself. There were a lot of K-League fans who didn’t know me, but there were parts that made me aware. I’m just grateful, and as a son-in-law, I won’t dishonor you.”

Kim Young-chan mentioned that after the modifier was added, he felt more responsible. He added that he has become more mindful of each action, sincere, and lives positively.

Kim Young-chan, who made his professional debut with Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2013, wore a Gyeongnam uniform in 2021 after being leased by several clubs. Since then, he has been dreaming of advancing to the K-League 1 with his team if he plays as a key defense in Gyeongnam.

His last season saw him make 21 appearances and even score 1 goal. It is his third goal in his K-League career. However, he has not been able to play much due to two injuries.

The team drew with FC Anyang in the K-League 2 playoffs (PO) and was frustrated in advancing to the promotion PO. Recently, an employee of the Gyeongnam club has come under fire for unfair treatment of subsidies and travel expenses.

Despite the difficult situation in many ways, Kim Young-chan was full of confidence. He evaluated, “To be honest, a lot of things have happened outside. We don’t feel it on our skin at all, and we’re trying to come together tightly within ourselves. It seems to be better for us.”

Kim Young-chan said, “I think the situation would have definitely changed if I crossed the threshold just a little bit last year.” He also explained that he scored a lot and ate a lot last year, but this season he will minimize conceding.

Kim Young-chan, who is about to become a free agent at the end of this season. He said, “This year is a really important year,” and promised to make a big success so that the title of ‘Kim Young-chan’s father-in-law Lee Gyeong-gyu’ could come out.

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