Lee Hae-in, who looks just like Yuna Kim, “Don’t you get nervous when you play? Pretend you’re not nervous”

“Even if I was nervous, I wouldn’t be nervous if I pretended not to be nervous. It’s something I learned every time I competed. But I don’t think it’s bad to be nervous as a player.”

stomach was full Talking about it, I don’t feel like I’m in my 10s. A girl who calmly talks about her thoughts and even has a relaxed smile. Even if you try to be restrained, you can’t hide the shining confidence that leaks out. Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School), who won the women’s singles gold medal at the International Skating Union (ISU) Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 14 years after Kim Yu-na, is the main character. She met him on the 16th at Sodam Square in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

We asked her how she felt about writing a new history of female figure skating after Kim Yuna. She said, “I thought it would be nice for her to score well, but she was surprised to get the highest score of the season. I thought I did well to get that score.”

Lee Hae-in wrote a dramatic drama at the Four Continents Championship. She received 69.13 points in the short program and stayed in 6th place. Naturally, attention was focused on Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University), who took first place (72.84 points). However, everyone’s expectations were clearly missed. Lee Hae-in finished her free skating with a perfect ‘clean’ performance.

Literally got up like a tumbleweed. In the free skating, she received a total of 141.71 points with a technical score (TES) of 74.96 and a component score (PCS) of 66.75 points, breaking the season’s highest score. With a total score of 210.84 including the short program score, he placed first overall. It was a long-awaited golden medal since Yuna Kim won in 2009.

He went from 6th to 1st and wrote a drama, but Lee Hae-in was calm. He said, “I was only in 6th place, but I didn’t feel much regret. (I made a mistake) I thought I did well in my own way because I didn’t fall.” It is said that he waited for the day of the decisive battle while checking the parts where points were deducted little by little during the short. How did he feel the moment he won first place? “I was grateful and happy just to be able to participate because this tournament was the second biggest one after the World Championship.”

Lee Hae-in has been a strong mental player since his junior days. He seldom made mistakes, and even if he made mistakes, he showed the composure to make up for them quickly, and he was evaluated as having ‘expertness’ that was unmatched for his age. The nickname ‘Strong Heart’ didn’t come out for nothing.

“I’ve heard people say that they have strong mental power. But I don’t think there is a strong person. Everyone is nervous and nervous, but I think the results come out differently depending on how you decide.”

Yuna Kim’s advice also played a part in this victory. Kim Yu-na said that she pointed out to Hae-in Hae-in how to adjust the intensity and how to handle the gaze. She said, “(Kim Yu-na)’s advice to look at her eyes accurately when unraveling the game was really helpful. She has to act while looking at the referee to appeal. .”

After enjoying the joy of winning for a while, she will participate in the figure skating women’s singles at the ‘104th National Winter Sports Festival’ from the 18th, and at the ‘2023 Figure Skating World Championships’ held in Saitama, Japan next month. In particular, expectations are high for Lee Hae-in at the world championships as there has 메이저사이트been no medal since Kim Yu-na. In the 2019 Junior Grand Prix event, she won two consecutive championships for the first time since Kim Yuna, and she also followed Kim Yuna in this four continents competition, so it is natural to expect. Her fans hope that she will break Yuna Kim’s record at the World Championships as well.

It is now the turn of Lee Hae-in, the ‘post Yuna Kim’, to surpass Yuna Kim. “Is it possible to surpass Yuna Kim unnie? (Laughter) When she was a player, she didn’t show any loss of speed or lack of confidence even when competitions approached. It’s great to always go to competitions in the same condition. I won’t be able to do that. It’s like.”

Even if he said so, Lee Hae-in resembled Kim Yu-na exactly. In addition to her skills, she has strong mental strength and a positive mindset. Even in her interview on this day, she radiated positive energy by saying, “She is grateful for participating in the competition itself.” Even when asked, ‘Who is the competitor in the world championship?’, he showed the confident side of a teenager, Generation Z. “There are so many good players, but I say in my heart, ‘You are you, I am me!'”

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