“LeBron had the best partner by his side” Colleagues who have been with LeBron’s career

 NBA’s living legend, LeBron James, has achieved another achievement. That’s the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. James surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and carved his name into NBA history. James, who acted as the team’s boy head immediately upon his debut, but his record for first place in career scoring is a record that could never be achieved without his teammates. Let’s take a look at the best partner James has played with so far.

James was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 1st overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. James, who graduated from high school without going through his college and challenged himself to the NBA stage straight away, received enormous media attention even during his high school years. The players mentioned as James’ comparison targets were Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Just by looking at the two players, you can see how much James’ expectations were. To nominate James like this, many NBA teams tried to nominate James by intentionally losing aka ‘tanking’, but eventually James joins his hometown team Cleveland like fate.

Joining the hometown team, James becomes a Cleveland hero. James won the Rookie of the Year Award and two MVPs in seven seasons with Cleveland and has never missed an All-Star since being first selected in 2005. There was one thing James like this didn’t have, and that was a championship ring. Apart from his performance, James failed to advance to the finals every time because he was not supported by a high-level player. It wasn’t that Cleveland’s leadership didn’t try. Cleveland tried to find a partner for James, but lost Cleveland’s limitations as a small market and Carlos Boozer, who he thought would lead the team with James. At the time, Boozer had a contract worth $695,000, but Cleveland took notice of it and released it as a free agent, then agreed to a six-year contract extension. However, when Boozer accepts a six-year, $70 million offer from the Utah Jazz, he inevitably misses Boozer.

James himself was in his prime, but James, who felt the limits of his team power, announced his transfer to the Miami Heat through the famous ‘Dish War Show’ on July 8, 2010, and formed the Big 3 with his best friends Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. make up 

-James’ soul partner, Wade

After joining Miami, James had only one goal: to win. And James has achieved his goal in Miami. Partner Wade helped a lot in winning the championship. Wade acknowledged James’ skill and conceded the ball to James and melted into a James-centered tactic. It was a difficult decision for Wade, who was a Miami franchise star and former MVP and maintained his prime skills.

When Wade conceded the ball, the synergy between the two players reached its peak. The two players were the best alley-oop duo called ‘Wade to James’ and were the core of Miami’s famous ‘hedge and recovery’ defense. When James moved to Miami, there was a lot of talk about the possibility of coexistence between the two players, but the two players did it perfectly and won the championship. During their four seasons together in Miami, James and Wade went down in NBA history with two championships and two runners-up. Miami is an unforgettable team for James. This is because it was the team that won his first championship ring and it was the period when his skills were at their peak. In Miami, James had his best years, winning two MVP awards.

The unfortunate thing about the meeting of the two players is the timing of their formation. When the Wade and James duo were formed, they were expected to destroy the league, but Wade’s aging came unexpectedly quickly. His chronic knee injury hastened 메이저사이트Wade’s aging. It was only in the first season, 2010-2011, when James joined, that Wade maintained his peak form. In the 2010-2011 season, Wade lived up to his name and led the team to the finals, but lost to Dallas led by Dirk Nowitzki and finished runner-up. At that time, the player who shone the most in the finals was Wade, not James. In the 2011 NBA Finals, Wade showed off his peak skills by averaging 26.5 points, 7 rebounds and 5.2 assists, but his team lost.

Nicknamed ‘Flash’, Wade is one of the superstars of the 2000s. Wade, James and 2003 NBA Draft mate, had already won the championship with Shaquille O’Neal in his third year. Since then, Wade, who has been active as a lonely ace in Miami, also meets a partner named James and adds two championship rings. James, Wade’s best friend outside of the game, was the first superstar partner Wade met in his career and the best one.

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