‘Korea’s No. 1’ Seo-ah Seo, tied for 3rd in the World Women’s 9-Ball Championship in 9 years after Kim Ga-young

Seo-ah Seo, who is ranked No. 1 in Korea, tied for 3rd at the World Pocket Championship 9 years after Kim Ga-young.

Suh-Ah (Jeonnam Billiards Federation) was tied for 3rd place in the semifinals of the ‘2023 Kamui World Women’s 9-Ball Championships’ held in Atlantic City, USA on the morning of the 23rd (Korean time) by Taiwanese powerhouse Chow Chie Yu (World Ranking 6th). occupied Chow Chie Yu defeated Alison Fisher (Great Britain) in the final to win the championship. Christina Tkach (Russia) tied for third place with Seo Ah Seo.

This competition was held in 4 years due to ‘Corona 19’ after the Chinese competition in 2019, and Kim Ga-young won as a Korean player in 2006.

In this tournament, which started on the 19th, Seo-ah defeated Lopero Meite (Spain) with a set score of 7:3 in the group stage and advanced to the first round of the winners group. However, she was defeated by Chow Chie-yu 3:7 and went down to the second round of the loser’s group.

In the second round of the loser group, Seo-Ah defeated Muramatsu Sakura (Japan), Ashley Burrows (USA), and Rubylen Amit (Philippines) in turn to advance to the round of 16.

Seo Sa-ah advanced to the quarterfinals by beating Yuki Hiraguchi of Japan with a set score of 9:7 in the round of 16. Her opponent in the quarterfinals was the 2019 tournament champion and world number 1 Kelly Fisher (Great Britain). 헤라카지노도메인

Seo-ah gave away 15 sets to Fisher with a set score of 7:7, and was on the verge of defeat. However, she took the 16th set and tied the score at 8:8, and in the 17th set, when Fisher missed her last chance to score, she calmly finished the match and won 9:8.

In the semifinals, she met Chow Chie Yu again, who lost in the first round of the winners match. Seo-ah took a set score of 6:2 until the 8th set, but allowed Chou Chie Yu to counterattack and the score was 6:5. Seo Ahga took 12 sets to open the gap to 7:5, but she lost 7:9 to Chow Chie-yu in four sets in a row.

In the finals, Chow Chie-Yu defeated Allison Fisher with a set score of 9-0 to reach the top spot.

Seo-ah failed to advance to the finals after being defeated by Chou Chie-yu, but as a Korean player, she reached the semifinals in 9 years since the 2014 tournament (Kim Ga-young).

Meanwhile, Lee Woo-jin (Incheon Metropolitan City Sports Association) and Jin Hye-joo (Gwangju Billiard Federation), who competed in the same tournament, ended the tournament by losing to Chou Chie-yu in the round of 16 and quarterfinals, respectively.

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