Korean women’s volleyball, Thailand defeated… VNL failed to win a set and lost 4 matches

The Korean women’s volleyball team, which participated in the 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL), defeated Thailand in the same Asia.메이저사이트

The women’s volleyball team (ranked 25th in the world), led by coach Cesar Gonzalez, scored a set score of 0-3 in the final match of the first week of the VNL against Thailand (ranked 14) held at the Antalya Sports Hall in Antalya, Turkey on the afternoon of the 4th (Korean time). (17-25 26-28 21-25).

As a result, Korea lost all four matches in the first week. Even while giving away 12 sets in 4 matches in the first week, he did not win a single set.

After coach Gonzalez took over the team, Korean women’s volleyball suffered 16 consecutive losses in the VNL. He lost 20 times in 21 matches, including the world championship last year. This VNL also coach Gonzalez was unable to attend the national team’s training due to his team’s schedule.

Losing in Thailand is shocking. It is said that the previous matches against Turkey, Canada and the United States were inferior in height and strength, but Thailand was defeated helplessly even though the average height was similar.

Korea has lost all three matches against Thailand since the Tokyo Olympics. The level of Korean women’s volleyball has fallen behind Thailand.

In Korea, Park Jeong-ah struggled at least in the first set, but gave up the first set in vain as the number of offenses poured in. Until the middle of the set, they were evenly matched up to 16-17, but then collapsed as they gave up 1 point and allowed 8 points.

The second set was lost after a deuce match. The match was tight until 26-26, but Thailand’s Pimpichaya Kokram’s attack fell to the Korean court, while Pyo Seung-ju’s attack was blocked by Thailand’s blocking wall.

The third set was also tight until 21-21. However, at the critical juncture, the offense continued. The game ended without winning a single set as the team conceded 4 points due to an error.

In Korea, Park Jung-ah contributed 14 points, Moon Ji-yoon scored 9 points, and Lee Joo-ah scored 8 points, but the team lost.

In Thailand, Chachuon Moksri (20 points), Kokram (13 points), and Sat Dao Nuekjang (11 points) were active. Phonpun Gedpard, who was nominated by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea through the V-League Asia Quarter Draft, led the Thai attack as the main setter. Outside heater Wifi Sitong, selected by Hyundai E&C, also scored 5 points.

Korea will move to Brazil and face Brazil, Japan, Croatia and Germany in turn.

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