Konkuk University, which has ‘Freddy-Choi Seung-bin’, what advantage does Kim Do-yeon feel?

Kim Do-yeon (20, 190cm) showed off her strengths and helped the team to a great victory. Along with the joy of his victory, it was Kim Do-yeon who added the sense of security that a strong backline gives.

Kim Do-yeon of Konkuk University started the regular league home game against Chosun University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Konkuk University Glocal Campus Gymnasium on the 28th and led the team to victory (85-66) with 14 points and 3 rebounds.

On this day, 크크크벳Konkuk University struggled on the outskirts as a whole, but thanks to Kim Do-yeon, it was able to produce some degree of productivity. Kim Do-yeon consistently put in the 3-point shoe every quarter and made the most 3-point shots (4) in the team.

Kim Do-yeon said, “It was the first game after the break, and he is very happy to win at home. Our team has not yet had a winning streak this season. Today (28th), he succeeded in winning a streak through victory. I want to prepare well for future games and play the playoffs at home.”

“First of all, I am confident in every game. Since my strong point is shooting, I am confident in my weapon, but trying to save the players around me has led to good results.”

The back line combination of Freddy and Choi Seung-bin of Konkuk University is one of the best combinations in the college league. The strength of the back line will gain more momentum as the outskirts or guards score. In that sense, Kim Do-yeon’s steady outer gun is a great strength to Konkuk University.

Kim Do-yeon said, “First of all, Freddy and (Choi) Seung-bin hyung reassured me at the bottom of the goal, so I can shoot more comfortably. And it is quite reassuring because he is responsible for scoring under the goal.”

Konkuk University made it to the finals for the first time last season and took runner-up, but it seems that it is unable to continue its momentum at the beginning of this season. Although they were placed in groups with formidable teams (Yonsei University, Dongguk University, and Sungkyunkwan University), 2 wins and 4 losses was an impressive result. Also, there was a game where I bowed my head at the end of a fierce battle, so the regret was doubled.

Kim Do-yeon said, “Concentration and complacency are the things our team needs to get rid of. If there is even a slight increase in the score, there are many games where it is difficult to get on the flow. That is something we need to improve quickly.”

Finally, “It was a game I could have won, but there were many games I missed because of my concentration at the last minute. I think I will have to focus on the 4th quarter in the future,” he said.

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