King Kudron, who is really good at it, 2 consecutive wins, 7 crowns-NH PBA Championship

Kudron of the world ascended the throne again after 10 months.

Kudron, who shot the ‘Emperor’s Shot’, won the final of the ‘2022 NH Nonghyup Card PBA Championship’ held on the 5th (Sono Calm Goyang) by beating Repens 4-1.

Kudron also won this competition last year and succeeded in winning two consecutive victories.

Unlike his splendid shots, Kudron has never made it to the finals in five competitions this season.

Kudron, who defeated Kasido Costas 3-0 in 7 innings in the quarter-finals, defeated Park Jeong-geun, a man of perseverance, 4-2 in the semi-finals, and then defeated Leppens 4-1 in the final.

Kudron showed strength until the 3rd set.

He shot 11 consecutive hits in 3 innings, took the first set 15:0, and won the second set with 4 consecutive hits, 3 consecutive hits, and 2 each, 15:11 in 5 innings.안전놀이터

Kudron, who won 15:12 with 7 consecutive hits in the 3rd set, however, could not get off the ‘4th set jinx’ and gave up one set.

Kudron also had a 3-0 one-sided race against Park Jeong-geun in the semifinals, but collapsed in the 4th set and was taken away from the 5th set.

However, in the final, he did not give up until the 5th set. He wrote 4 consecutive hits twice and became the champion again with 8 consecutive hits.

Leppens tried to concentrate, but he couldn’t catch the fluttering Cudron. Taking the 4th set was the best and the best.

In the semi-final against Maminkam, Repens was driven 0-3 and then hit a 4-3 reversal shot and reached the final after 14 months, but remained in the runner-up.