Kim “Prince” Jong-hoon wins the comeback match after 9 years

 ‘Prince’ Kim Jong-hoon (31, Moai Gym) won his comeback match after 9 years.

In the bantamweight match of ‘Black Combat 5: The Song of the Sword’ held at the Suwon Convention Center in Gyeonggi-do on the 4th 메이저사이트, Kim Jong-hoon won ‘Little Sexy Yama’ Seigo Yamamoto (27, Japan) by TKO in 39 seconds of the second round by pounding .

Kim Jong-hoon stopped playing in 2014 due to a major injury during training after winning his 5th professional championship. He has been working hard to support his younger brother, ‘Korean Moai’ Kim Min-woo, as a coach.

However, after watching the Black Combat match, his heart was moved and he prepared for his comeback. He announced the resumption of his playing career on the stage of Black Combat, which returned after 9 years.

Kim Jong-hoon put to rest the voice of concern over Cage Rust as a result. He took the lead, pressuring Yamamoto in the first round with a wrestling and ground game. He even suffered a nosebleed from Yamamoto’s punches, but did not lose focus.

In the second round, Kim Jong-hoon was caught off guard. Yamamoto, knowing that Kim Jong-hoon would wrestle, prepared for it, but Kim Jong-hoon’s punches hit him and his legs loosened. Kim Jong-hoon’s pounding continued. The referee immediately stopped the game.

Kim Jong-hoon, who recorded 6 consecutive wins and undefeated, agreed to a match with Yoo “U-Jitsu” Soo-young in June after the match. “I can finish it in the first round,” he said. Yoo Soo-young replied, “I will beat Kim Jong-hoon in hitting as well as Jiu-Jitsu.”

Yamamoto, who lost 6 times in a row, said, “I think I defended well in the first round. I am so angry and regretful.”

However, Yamamoto (Korean name Kim Seong-oh), who has a Korean mother, did not forget to thank her Korean fans. “Thank you, Koreans,” he said in Korean, “I’m sorry I couldn’t repay you with a victory, there are so many people who gave me strength.”

He then took off his gloves, saying, “I’ve been on a losing streak since my grandmother passed away two years ago. I will retire after today’s game.”

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