Kim Min-jae’s role model, born in 16, Michael Jordan, born in 1963

Michael Jordan, a role model for half a century.

On the 27th, the ‘2023 Busan Youth and Youth Club League (i-League, hereinafter referred to as i-League)’ started at the Busan Metropolitan City Sports Center (4th floor-Wolgye Hall) in Sajik-dong, Busan. The Busan i-League will feature 10 teams each (30 teams in total) from three categories, U10, 12, and 15. A total of 5 teams increased from last year.메이저놀이터

On this day, the preliminaries for the U10 division were held. The preliminary round will be held in two groups (5 teams each), and the final will be held the next day (28th).

Kim Min-jae (first grader at Myeongwon Elementary School), the youngest at KT Gangseo Branch in Busan, walked the court with his older brothers who were one head taller than him.

Kim Min-jae introduced himself, “I don’t remember, but I caught a basketball for the first time with his brother, probably a year or two ago.”

He continued, “It was fun from the first time I played basketball. I will continue until the day basketball becomes boring. Stealing the ball is the most difficult, but I am most confident in shooting, dribbling, and running. I am the fastest in my class.”

Kim Min-jae stepped on the court occasionally as a substitute. He diligently chased the ball in the backcourt, but there were not many opportunities to touch the ball.

Kim Min-jae replied, “He didn’t catch the ball a lot, but I don’t regret it. Just playing on the court like this makes basketball fun.”

He ended up talking about Michael Jordan as his role model. How does Kim Min-jae, born in 2016, know Michael Jordan, born in 1963?

Kim Min-jae left a surprising answer, “I saw it in a video. I think Michael Jordan is the coolest at basketball and is good at it.”

Meanwhile, the i-League is hosted by the Korea Sports Association, supervised by the Korea Basketball Association and each local government basketball association, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Corporation.

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