‘K-League Challenge’ Coach Nam-Yeol Park “I will play offensive soccer through build-up”

Cheonan City coach Park Nam-yeol, who challenged K-League 2, unveiled the concept for the 2023 season.

Coach Nam-yeol Park said at the 2023 season K-League winter training media day held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do on the 8th, “I’m going to play the pass game. He tries to play clean through the build-up. He has been focusing and preparing since Thailand’s field training.”

Cheonan, which played in the K3 League, entered the K League 2 this year. It is a challenger’s position, but it is a will to show active and aggressive football.

Manager Park Nam-yeol said, “I am preparing well so that fans can sympathize with me by playing good soccer, winning soccer, and attacking soccer. I want the spectators to come and watch us play and make them feel that this team is different.” We are trying to find a way out through forward pressure,” he hinted.

The following is a Q&A with director Park Nam-yeol.

– Commitment this season.
It is expected. Expectations are high on how well we prepared. This year is my first time as a manager, and he prepared well with the players카지노사이트. I think it will be a chance to test me.

– You said you would play simple, efficient and winning soccer, but if you have to elaborate.
Trying to play the passing game. We try to play a clean game through build-up. I have been focusing on preparation since Thailand’s field training.

-Why did you entrust the claim to Kim Joo-heon?
Honest and responsible. There are more players from outside than the existing team players, but I chose players to match my color. I chose him because he is a player with a strong sense of responsibility on the field and leads by example.

-The feeling of dealing with Seongnam, who was active during his active career.
Feelings are new. What I wanted was to be the first coach in Seongnam. After a long time in women’s soccer, she moved to men’s soccer and coached. It is a new feeling to meet the team that ended active duty in part 2. Still, it’s a game, so I want to win. As a director, I want to clearly show how I prepared.

-You became a director for the first time, how did you prepare?
It was difficult to start, but on the way to Thailand, I prepared for battery training with 7-80%. I put a lot of effort into preparing the physical and tactical aspects of the players. Through actual matches, we will determine the players by covering the last boulder.

-Choi Yoon-gyeom, coach of Cheongju, picked Cheonan as your rival.
You can think of them as rivals because they share the same area, but I don’t think so. I think all teams are rivals.

-What is the background of recruiting Kim Chang-soo as a playing coach?
Kim Chang-soo’s experience was important. Since it is a new team, I hope that Kim Chang-soo will pass on his know-how and experience to all players. I chose Kim Chang-soo because I thought there would be synergy if the young players melted well. I hope that Kim Chang-soo will come out to the stadium in good condition and take the lead as an older brother.

– What are your goals and expectations for this season?
One digit (ranking) is the goal. I think it should be above the local team. If I get greedy and play well in the first half, I wonder if I will be able to challenge myself with ambition until the playoffs.

-You were rivals with Gimpo in the K3 League.
When I was in K3, I did well first, so Gimpo was promoted. Although we took a chance and founded it, I think we should go to a higher place than Gimpo.

– How to attract fans?
By playing good soccer, winning soccer, and attacking soccer, we are preparing well so that fans can sympathize with us. I want the spectators to come and watch us play and make them feel that this team is different. I wonder if the fans will come if the players show a lively image.

-Which players are you looking forward to the most?
many. If the 22-year-old card holder Kim Joo-hwan and Shin Won-ho, left and right fullbacks, do well in our team, I think they can go to the Olympics. I think if Kim Chang-soo participates in the game as a team and helps our players, there will be more synergy. Although he joined late, Damir is a key player in our team. If he does well, I wonder if he will rise in the rankings.

-What is the meaning of your life as a leader before taking office in Cheonan?
he’s come a long way There is a bias between women’s soccer and men’s soccer. Women’s soccer has to be detailed, while men’s soccer has to be speedy and powerful. I learned the finer details the hard way. When it comes to communication, women’s soccer is different. Learned a lot. While coaching, I experienced what the coach did not feel and the role coaches should play. I think it will be an experience to understand the coaches. It’s my first time as a manager, but I’m doing well so that there are no risks.

-The results of K League 2 depended on foreign player farming, but how competitive are the current players?
Damir played for Suwon Samsung, so his competitiveness is clear. I think Motta and Hodouf also have competitiveness.

– What did you put emphasis on while playing the jade and what did you emphasize to the players?
Confidence and professionalism were emphasized. He asked the players to be confident on the field. Regarding the play style, he emphasized the connection and details that can be shared with his colleagues.

-K League 2 is said to be a tough league. What kind of league do you think it is?
I think Part 2 is similar except for one or two teams. All teams prepared well, but so did our team. We must prepare well to survive in the jungle. The play style of the second division is hard-working and has a fighting spirit. For a game that does not lose, focus on defense rather than attacking football and counterattack. We must be prepared for this too.

– What level of offensive football will you show?
K-League 2 almost always uses three-backs. We attack after the defense, but we will build up from the beginning and be aggressive. Trying to break through the bow through forward pressure.

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