“It’s the best, but it’s someone else’s player!”… Ancelotti dismisses rumors of transfer of Kane

Regarding the rumors of Real Madrid’s transfer of Harry Kane, manager Carlo Ancelotti respected the current team, saying, “He is a Tottenham player.”메이저사이트

Tottenham striker Kane is expected to transfer as Tottenham finished 8th in the league this season and failed to advance to the European competition. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy announced that he would keep him until the contract period, but several teams, including Manchester United and Bayern Munich, showed interest in his signing.

As Real Madrid jumped into the race to sign Kane, his move seemed to be getting closer to a transfer. In the UK, with the news that coach Ancelotti asked for Kane, there were reports that Kane also preferred a transfer to Real Madrid.

However, manager Ancelotti dismissed the transfer rumors, emphasizing that Kane is still a Tottenham player.

Spanish media Marca reported on the 3rd (Korean time) the contents of Ancelotti’s pre-press conference against Athletic Bilbao. Ancelotti, who attended the press conference, was also asked questions about the summer transfer market and Kane’s transfer, along with questions about the final game of the season.

Regarding the question about signing Kane, he said, “Kane is the best player, but we have to respect Tottenham.

Ancelotti said of Benzema, who was initially likely to move to Al Itahad in Saudi Arabia, “He is ready to play. He has signed a one-year contract, there is no doubt about it. Also, I think we will be a competitive team.” I can guarantee that it will be,” he said, predicting that Benzema’s retention will maintain the team’s power.

Initially, Kane was mentioned as a potential replacement for Benzema’s transfer, but as Benzema’s stay neared, it seems that Real did not actively consider Kane’s signing.

Ancelotti also emphasized that there will be no change in the squad. He said of the squad for the 2023/24 season, “It will be a very competitive team. There will be differences because there is an expiring contract. But no matter what happens, we will not lose competitiveness,” he said, keeping the team competitive with releases and new recruits. explained that it would

On the other hand, regarding expectations for the next season, manager Ancelotti said, “I am sure that next year we will do better. It is difficult to evaluate ourselves, but at the moment I think it is positive.” He expressed his feelings about the end.

While rumors of Kane’s transfer to Real Madrid, which had been raised with the possibility of Benzema’s departure, are expected to calm down again with manager Ancelotti’s remarks, the question of Kane’s next destination is expected to continue throughout the coming summer transfer market.

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