“It was a kingdom of catchers…” Kim Jae-seong’s side → Kim Tae-gun’s acute hepatitis, Park Jin-man’s bitter 

“It was a catcher kingdom, but I ended up looking at only one catcher.”

The Samsung Lions changed their entry ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League confrontation with the Lotte Giants held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 15th. Kim Tae-gun was canceled, and Kim Min-soo was called up.

Director Park Jin-man said, “Kim Tae-goon was hospitalized for acute hepatitis. 메이저놀이터A few days ago, he was not feeling well, so he underwent a gastroscopy.”

The recovery period for Kim Tae-goon is still unclear. He may be out of power for several weeks or more. Director Park Jin-man said, “They say that there is a difference in the recovery period depending on the liver value. The number is very high, so I think I need to rest a little.” said.

Samsung is a team that used to be called the ‘catcher kingdom’. Kang Min-ho, Kim Tae-goon, and Kim Jae-seong have high-level catchers. However, Kim Jae-seong suffered a side injury during the demonstration game and was out of power, and Kim Tae-gun also cannot play due to acute hepatitis. Director Park Jin-man said, “In the catcher kingdom, I only see one catcher.”

Samsung has no choice but to wait for the return of injured players. Currently, Kim Jae-seong is preparing for his comeback while undergoing rehabilitation training. Director Park said, “Kim Jae-seong is in rehabilitation. He went abroad and received treatment, and then returned home and the rehabilitation is going smoothly.”

Samsung is in a situation where catchers Kim Jae-seong and Kim Tae-goon are out due to injuries. Two outfielders also left. Kim Hyun-jun suffered an oblique muscle rupture during the demonstration game. Kim Tae-hoon sprained his ankle during training ahead of the LG Twins game in Jamsil on the 8th.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “It seems that not only our team but also other teams are in a mess.” I ordered it from the training part so that I can do it.”

Meanwhile, Kang Min-ho was also hit on the back of his hand by Na Kyun-an’s ball in the match. After complaining of pain, Kang Min-ho got up and walked to first base. After that, he was replaced with Kim Min-soo before the defense in the beginning of the 8th inning and finished the game. Kang Min-ho played the game without major problems, but it is a situation where we have to hope that there will be no aftereffects.

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