“I’m doing well, so if you don’t worry” Director Jeon Chang-jin’s current status of Heo Woong

 Coach Jeon Chang-jin reported on the current situation of Heo Woong, who suffered an ankle injury.

Currently, Jeonju KCC is continuing a tough playoff fight. It is 7th without a ride with Suwon KT (18-24) in 6th place with 17 wins and 23 losses. Assuming that 5th place Goyang Carrot (21-20) pays KBL unpaid subscription fee of 1 billion won, KCC, KT and 8th place Wonju DB (16-24 loss) are expected to compete for the 6th place.

One of the reasons why KCC is rarely rising is the departure of ace Heoung. Heo Woong suffered an ankle injury in a match against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis on the 9th. His right ankle was badly sprained and he was diagnosed at 8 weeks after a close exam.

On the 17th, the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Anyang KGC and Jeonju KCC faced off in the 5th round at Anyang Gymnasium. Before the game, KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin reported on Heo Woong’s current situation.

Director Jeon Chang-jin, who started by saying, “Shouldn’t we (Heo) Woong tell you the news?” “I’m doing well. He said he was sorry to his team, colleagues and fans. He lives in a dorm because he cannot move. It’s so uncomfortable that I can’t eat alone. So I am staying at the dorm. When the players come to the dorm for training, their faces have improved a little, such as talking a lot.”

Heo Woong suffered an injury in the early second quarter against Hyundai Mobis. After attempting a layup, he severely sprained his right ankle in the process of landing. He collapsed, complaining of his pain, and was carried out of the gym on a stretcher. Looking at the replay video, it looked like his injury was serious enough that his ankle was badly turned.

“I talked to Woong before the season. There is a risk of injury if you break through, so he emphasized that you should judge well. I said it several times during the season, but it eventually led to an injury. He said, ‘If you are in a 카지노사이트position like yours, you should avoid situations where there is a risk of injury’, but he did not hesitate and got hurt. If Woongi gets hurt, the rest of the players will have a hard time, so I told them to be careful in the future.” Director Jeon Chang-jin said.

On the 17th, Heo Ung went to the hospital once more and was told that the two severed ligaments were sticking together well. If more time passes, he is expected to enter full-scale rehabilitation.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “When I first got injured, I looked very tired and worried. I was also very sorry to the fans. His face has improved a little these days. Fans must be very curious, but I hope you don’t worry too much since I’m doing well,” he said to his fans.

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