“I’m desperate”…’International hitter’ successor appears, Tokyo’s wounds are washed in Tokyo

A successor has appeared to carry on the nickname “international hitter” that Kim Hyun-soo (35) has been in charge of for about 10 years. This is the second international event following the Tokyo Olympics. Kim Hye-seong (25) is so desperate for this moment of running with her Taegeuk mark. 

In the WBC official evaluation match against the Hanshin Tigers held at Kyocera 먹튀검증 Dome in Osaka, Japan on the 7th, Kim Hye-seong played a big role as a backup member, playing as a substitute in the 6th inning and hitting a solo wedge in the 8th, leading the team to a 7-4 victory. 

Kim Hye-seong is currently showing off the hottest hitting feeling among the national team hitters. In a total of 5 games, from the training camp in Arizona to the practice game with the SSG 2nd team held in Gocheok, he is continuing his high-sensitivity hitting feeling with 11 hits in 17 at-bats and a batting average of 60.47. 

However, it is difficult to give Kim Hye-sung a chance. Tommy Hyun-soo Edman and Major League Gold Glove-class players named Kim Ha-seong are simultaneously positioned in the center line. There is little room for Kim Hye-seong to squeeze in. However, in a situation where the current hitting feeling continues to the final round, it is inevitable to leave it as a backup. Appropriate appointment of Kim Hye-sung is expected to be a key point in the operation of other lines in the final round.

Kim Hye-seong met with reporters in the Mixt Zone after the evaluation match against Hanshin and said about the current hit, “Actually, it’s not easy to talk about good or bad. I just worked hard and prepared the same, but the timing seems good now. Isn’t there a cycle? That cycle seems to fit,” he explained. 

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