“If Chelsea or Munich transfer doesn’t work out, we’re done” Ronaldo-super agent breakup reason

The reason Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) broke up with his agent Jorge Mendes has been revealed.

Ronaldo signed a contract until 2025 while holding a ceremony to join Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr on the 4th (hereinafter Korean time). Al Nasr decided to pay Ronaldo an annual salary of 200 million euros (approximately 268.2 billion won).

This salary negotiation was conducted by Ronaldo himself. Players usually leave transfer negotiations to their agents. Ronaldo has also entrusted transfer negotiations to Mendes, who had been his agent since his teenage years. However, ahead of Al Nasr’s transfer, he and Mendes parted ways.

On the 25th, the Spanish media ‘Sport’ reported that Ronaldo’s last request was not something Mendes could satisfy. 스포츠토토

Ronaldo has been pushing for a transfer ever since the end of last season. He was staying in his native Portugal and refused to return to Manchester United, where Erik ten Hag took the helm, for personal reasons. At the time, Agent Mendes contacted Chelsea and Germany’s prestigious Bayern Munich to transfer Ronaldo. Munich expressed disapproval of Ronaldo’s age and high wages. On the other hand, British media raised the possibility of Ronaldo’s move to Chelsea.

However, Chelsea also gave up on signing Ronaldo. In the end, Ronaldo had no choice but to return to Manchester United. The price to pay for the transfer was severe. Coach Ten Hag classified Ronaldo as a substitute member, not as a main player. As a result, Ronaldo chose the last method and lost money with Manchester United. In an interview with a British media ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he exposed his Manchester United life. Starting from manager Ten Hach, who used himself as a replacement member rather than a main player, he defined his regretful feelings toward his teammates as ‘betrayal’. Manchester United executives were outraged by Ronaldo’s departure and terminated his contract during the World Cup.

Al Nasr was not actually the destination Ronaldo wanted. Before accepting the love call from Al Nasr, Mendes continued to look for big European clubs that could accept Ronaldo. However, there was no team in sight that would accept Ronaldo, who was trying to sit on the coach’s head. According to Sport, Ronaldo reportedly declared to Mendes: “If you don’t take me to Chelsea or Munich, we’re done.”

It is not known whether the breakup between the two was requested by Ronaldo himself or by Mendes. However, according to this media, it is known that Mendes also concluded the work after deciding that he had no intention of complying with Ronaldo’s request any longer.

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