“I was wearing shorts because it was sunrise…” The Swedish player also ‘freaks’ at the K-knife wind

A player from Sweden, a Nordic country, also stuck out his tongue at the winter weather in Korea.

K-League 1 defending champion Ulsan Hyundai held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp at a hotel in downtown Ulsan on the 16th.

The temperature in Ulsan, which was recorded around 15 degrees until last week, recorded a record 2 degrees, a whopping 13 degrees that day. As the sharp wind was added to this, the perceived temperature was even lower. 메이저놀이터

Even so, there was a player who went to training wearing shorts. It was Swedish midfielder Boyanic who wore the Ulsan uniform through the transfer market this winter.

After playing for Hammabi IF in Sweden, Boyanich moved to Ulsan along with his teammate Rubik Sohn. Expectations are high that he will take charge of the Ulsan midfield along with Japanese midfielder Esaka Ataru, who transferred at the same time.

As if trying to show freshman spirit, Boyanich was passionate about training, fighting in shorts despite the cold weather. He was one of the players that stood out along with Joo Min-gyu, Martin Adam, and Esaka.

However, it turned out that Boyanich’s fighting spirit in shorts was not intended at all. Boyanich, who attended the press conference, was surprised by the cold winds of the Korean winter he experienced for the first time.

Boyanich, who is challenging the Korean stage for the first time in his career, said, “I was impressed by the Ulsan project.

Then he opened his mouth, “It seems that today was particularly cold. I was surprised that it was so colder than I thought.”

“I woke up in the morning and looked out the window and the sun was up. So he thought it would be okay to wear shorts,” explains why he showed up in shorts.

He was stricken by a moment’s wrong choice. “I think I’ll have to check the weather forecast closely in the future,” he laughed.

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