“I was proud to see you like it after hitting it” The 5 billion captain also laughed… Samsung backup players are always ready

“I was proud to see that I hit and liked it.”

The Samsung Lions faced the Kiwoom Heroes of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 19th in the second game of the season and won a thrilling 9-5 victory after 260 minutes of bloody struggle.

Samsung faced the bottom of the ninth with a 5-4 lead, 메이저놀이터but Oh Seung-hwan allowed a tie with one out and went into overtime. No points were scored in the 10th and 11th innings, but in the 12th inning, he scored 4 points and broke Kiwoom’s pursuit. They won 9-5 and secured a winning series and ran 3 consecutive victories.

In this victory, the performances of the main players were also dazzling, but the performances of the substitute players also shone. Episode 12 was the highlight.

First, An Joo-hyung, who played the game on behalf of Lee Won-seok from the 8th inning, pushed Lee Yeong-joon’s 144km fastball from first runner 1st and 2nd base to create a heavy hit.

After that, Kim Seong-yoon and Gong Min-gyu stepped forward. Kim Seong-yoon hit 3 pitches of the 132km slider in the situation of the 2nd runner 2nd and 3rd base. The ball headed for third base, and while Kim Hui-jip could not handle it at once, he used his quick feet to create an infield hit. Even Jose Pirella, who was on third base, was called home.

Gong Min-gyu also gave strength to the team with a cool RBI and timely hit, and Kim Seong-yoon played a big role by stepping on the home plate when Kang Min-ho hit.

Those who started as substitutes, not selections, contributed to the team’s victory with performances comparable to those of the main players. Ahn Joo-hyung had 1 hit and 1 point, Kim Seong-yoon had 2 hits and 2 RBIs and 1 point, and Gong Min-gyu had 2 hits and 1 RBI.

After the game, captain Oh Jae-il said, “As a senior, I feel good to see our players maintain their concentration until the end and hit. I prepared really hard before the game, and I was proud to see the players happy to hit.”

An Joo-hyung, Kim Seong-yoon, and Kong Min-gyu. To put it bluntly, they are players who prepare for the game from backup. Before this game, Kim Seong-yoon played 9 games, but his main task was to be a great runner or great defense. Gong Min-gyu only played 2 games, and An Joo-hyung’s match against Kiwoom on the 19th was his first appearance of the season.

In such a situation, Samsung fans can’t help but laugh as they showed their presence in the 12th episode of the last extension and gave a perfect score.

Samsung is currently an injured ward. Outfielders Kim Hyeon-joon, Kim Dong-yeop, Kim Tae-hoon and catchers Kim Jae-seong and Kim Tae-gun are getting injured one after another on the field side. In such a situation, the performance of backup players is bound to be welcome. Although it is a backup, Ho-jae Kim, who started as a starter on this day, also stood out.

Manager Park Jin-man praised, saying, “I think the tenacity shown in this game best shows the current atmosphere of our team.”

Always ready backup players, they are ready to go in anytime.

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