I was angry at Ronaldo, the ‘mismanner’ who flew the WWE finish… The biggest ridicule from fans of the rival team who won the match, “Messi! Messi! Messi yi!”

 Even in the Middle East, it is far from respect.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team Al Nasr lost 0-2 to Al Hilal at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the 19th (Korean time).

Al-Nasr lost the match to ‘rival’ Al-Hilal,메이저놀이터 effectively thwarting the league title. There was another issue here. Ronaldo’s ill-mannered play, which is still the same in the Middle East.

Ronaldo, who was blocked by Al-Hilal’s defense throughout the match, applied a technique that can only be seen in WWE to opposing defender Gustavo Quellar in the course of an aerial contest in the 12th minute of the second half.

In slow motion, Ronaldo jumps behind Quellar and grabs him by the neck, knocking him over. It was a scene reminiscent of the finishes of famous WWE wrestlers because it was not at the level of a headlock, but with power.

After Ronaldo’s finish, Cuellar had to fall to the ground complaining of pain. Despite such an all-time foul, Ronaldo was not sent off, only receiving a yellow card.

Al-Hilal won 2-0 despite defending Ronaldo, who comes to mind with a biased judgment. After the victory, Al-Hilal fans booed Ronaldo as he walked towards the tunnel.

The content was interesting. The name of a player who was not on the pitch came up. That’s Lionel Messi. They celebrated their victory by chanting Messi Messi Messi as Ronaldo walked into the tunnel in front of their cheering booth.

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