“I want to leave with cheers rather than booing” Kim Jae-ho has a dignity that should not wear out

The 2013 Doosan Bears postseason was a time when the name of Bears franchise shortstop Kim Jae-ho was properly known. In particular, the wide outfield defense range, soft handling, and ‘seed mode’ throw, which were unbelievable even after reports from the playoffs with the ‘Jamsil rival’ LG Twins, were a top-notch defense that could be shown as a shortstop.

However, 토토사이트that scene has already passed 10 years. Just as mountains and rivers change in 10 years, Kim Jae-ho’s movements have become dull. Not long ago, Kim Jae-ho made a series of defensive mistakes in his first start of the season against LG, and became the main culprit in the team’s defeat. Doosan fans who saw both Kim Jae-ho in 2013 and Kim Jae-ho in 2023 would have felt the weight of the years with regretful feelings.

It was an atmosphere where it was unclear whether Kim Jae-ho would have a chance to make up for the scene for the rest of the season. However, Kim Jae-ho calmly waited for an opportunity to come to him. The beginning of the ninth inning against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on April 18 was the opportunity.

Kim Jae-ho faced opponent finisher Kim Bum-soo in the 9th inning with a 0-0 score and a chance to load bases with 2 outs. In a situation where scores were desperately needed, Kim Jae-ho attacked Kim Bum-soo’s 6th pitch 135km/h slider and scored 2 RBIs right away. It was a scene where the goal of a veteran-like breaking ball worked perfectly. Thanks to Kim Jae-ho’s final blow, Doosan defeated Hanwha 2-0 and succeeded in winning two consecutive victories.

Kim Jae-ho spent the last 2 seasons like a nightmare that did not match his name value. Kim Jae-ho, who had a batting average of 0.209 in 89 appearances in the 2021 season, showed a clear decline in the 2022 season with a batting average of 0.215 in 102 appearances. Kim Jae-ho, who had chronic pain in his shoulder injured during defense in the past and even back pain, was adversely affected by both hitting and defense.

Ahead of the 2021 season, Kim Jae-ho signed a second free agency contract worth 2.5 billion won over three years. The 2023 season is now the final year of his free agency contract. While the time has come to consider his retirement from active duty, Kim Jae-ho competes with his juniors in the first team, while also taking on the role of a helper to help them grow. He wants one last moment to challenge for the championship ring while helping a shortstop successor emerge to succeed him.

Kim Jae-ho said at the spring camp this season, “It is the number one baseball life, and everyone will have the same desire to last a long time. me too. However, over the past two years, he has been criticized, criticized, and even booed. So, at the last moment, I had the desire to leave in the painting that was cheered, not booed. I’m going to put more effort into that scene now. I want to create another season that is cheered by Doosan fans.”

In fact, Kim Jae-ho is definitely a player who should be cheered rather than booed by Doosan fans. The best franchise shortstop in the history of the Doosan club is currently a title Kim Jae-ho can obtain alone. Kim Jae-ho, who is spending his 20th season at Doosan after joining the professional team, recorded a personal WAR of 22.36 / 1,651 appearances / 1,129 hits / 50 home runs, a record that is difficult for any franchise shortstop from Doosan to follow. Just like the wishes of Doosan fans, Kim Jae-ho is a classy player who should not be outdated.

V4 in 2015, V5 in 2016, V6 in 2019. In that moment of joy that freed Doosan fans’ long-cherished wish to win, there was always Kim Jae-ho’s performance. And the moment he wears another championship ring and leaves amid cheers from Doosan fans is the last page of Doosan that suits Kim Jae-ho. I wonder if 2023 will be the time to write the last page and close the bookshelf in peace.

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