I spend 15 billion won… If the annual salary is 73 million won and C grade, there must be a place to call? It was an illusion 

 The five free agents still have nowhere to go. Even the original club is not negotiating, and there is no intention to recruit other teams.

There is a practical reason why Han Hyun-hee, who is in A grade, and Jeong Chan-heon, and Kwon Hee-dong, who are in B grade, have a stumbling block as compensation players. However, Lee Myung-gi and Kang Ri-ho (Kang Yoon-goo in Gae Myung-jeon) are in the C grade without compensation players.

If he transfers, the recruiting club only needs to pay 150% of the previous year’s annual salary without compensation. In other words, the club that wants to recruit Lee Myung-ki only needs to pay 262.5 million won, 1.5 times the annual salary of 175 million won last year, and the club that signed the contract with Kang Ri-ho needs to compensate for 109.5 million won, double last year’s annual salary of 73 million won.

With the implementation of the FA rating system, the movement of C-class players without compensation players became active. Last year, Park Byeong-ho transferred to KT Wiz for 3 billion won for 3 years. The previous salary was 1.5 billion won, so the compensation amounted to 2.25 billion won, but the transfer was possible because there was no compensation player. Catcher Heo Do-hwan was also taken by the LG Twins, who needed a backup catcher. Kang Min-ho and Jung-hoon, who applied for free agency in the C grade, remained with their original clubs, Samsung Lions and Lotte Giants. All contracts were successful.

In this free agency market, as many as 9 C-class free agents came out, and 4, including Oh Tae-gon (SSG Landers) Kim Jin-seong (LG Twins) Shin Bong-ki (KT) Jang Si-hwan (Hanwha), remained with their original club, Lee Tae-yang (SSG→Hanwha Eagles) Won Jong-hyun (NC) Dinos → Kiwoom Heroes) and Oh Seon-jin (Samsung → Hanwha) succeeded in transferring. Even though the amount of the contract was small, he applied for free agency, which was an opportunity of a lifetime, and even achieved a contract.

However, even if there were no compensation players, it was not possible to transfer unconditionally. It is a professional club that casually spends more than 15 billion won if it is deemed necessary for the team, but if it is not, it turns around calmly. 메이저사이트

In the past, free agents who had no place to go were embraced by public opinion or found a way to live through signings and trades. However, as the ransom of the players gradually increased, they began to beat the calculator more calmly.

With just 262.5 million won in compensation, you can get a veteran outfielder with a career batting average of 37%, and with only 109.5 million won in compensation, you can recruit a left-handed bullpen pitcher, but all 10 clubs are ignoring it.

Since there is not a big obstacle to transfer, there is a possibility that he will be called from a team with weakened power during spring camp, exhibition games, or regular season, so he should prepare more thoroughly rather than be discouraged.

Still, the unsigned contract between the two obviously comes as a shock to the baseball world. This is why players who become C-class free agents after this season have to look at their value objectively.

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