I make a reservation for a big success… New Year’s resolutions of professional baseball stars

The professional baseball winter transfer market is coming to an end, and winter training is in full swing for each team.

With this year’s professional baseball season especially special, franchise stars are also hotter than ever.

What is the resolution of those who predicted a big success this season?

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


Lee Jung-hoo performed remarkably last season by winning 5 batting crowns.

As next year’s big league challenge has become visible with the acceptance of the Kiwoom club, I am determined to achieve my unfinished dream of winning the team in the coming season.

<Lee Jung-hoo / Kiwoom> “I will also prepare well and prepare harder for Kiwoom to win the Korean Series next season, hoping for good results through the next posting (MLB private competitive bidding).”

The eyes of Yang Eui-ji, the league’s top catcher, who wore the Doosan uniform again after four years, are also resolute. 슬롯사이트

After advancing to the Korean series for 7 consecutive years, he expressed his will to recreate the ‘dynasty days’ by raising Doosan, which fell to 9th place last year.

<Yang Eui-ji / Doosan> “I feel like my confidence has dropped a lot when I was on the opposing team, so I want to give my all to my juniors…(with my former teammates) so that Doosan can become a strong team…”

Special left-hander Gu Chang-mo, who is called the successor of Yang Hyeon-jong and Kim Gwang-hyun, also expressed his aspirations to be reborn as a player worthy of a super-large contract of 13.2 billion won for up to 7 years.

After joining in 2015, Chang-mo Koo, who failed to fill the regular innings for a single season, is aiming for a full season this year.

<Koo Chang-mo / NC> “I showed a lot of disappointing appearances in games and such, but this season I prepared well from the beginning and now I want to show you that I will not disappoint you anymore…”

Franchise stars who have a new goal in mind Attention is focusing on what kind of impressive drama this season will be written.

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