“I have never heard of regret or apology”…’The Red Flag’ Bauer, the reason LAD was expelled

“I haven’t heard anything about regret or apology.”

Trevor Bauer (32) was kicked out of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was once hailed as the best player, but his personal life has gone downhill. Officials at the scene revealed that Bauer did not show any signs of remorse. Bauer becomes a duck egg in the Nakdong River. Many people are also paying attention to his destination.

Bauer signed a free agent contract with the Dodgers ahead of the 2021 season. However, during the season he was investigated by the prosecution for sexual assault. He is accused of engaging in violence after having sex with a woman he met through social media. Los Angeles prosecutors dismissed the charges for lack of evidence, but as two additional victims claimed to have been assaulted, the MLB office suspended Bauer for 324 games.

Bauer immediately appealed, and his punishment was reduced to a 194-game suspension through legal arbitration. Bauer will be able to return to the mound from May 24, 2023. However, the Dodgers disposed of Bauer on DFA. It is interpreted as meaning that it is difficult to accompany a player who has caused a controversy in his private life. 메이저사이트

So far, it is known that Bauer has not shown any regret or reflection. According to reporter Bob Nightingale of the American media ‘USA-TODAY’, “The Dodgers had the impression that Bauer had no regrets about the sexual assault allegation and subsequent suspension.”

Reporter Nightingale quoted a number of officials as saying, “While officials declined to elaborate on the conversation, they did not hear any regrets or apologies from Bauer to change his mind.” “There have been rumors that some officials wanted to include Bauer on the roster, but that’s not true,” he added. Even the club officials who shared the joys and sorrows turned their backs on Bauer.

Bauer parted ways with the Dodgers. Teams that want to recruit him can buy an 83-win pitcher in the big leagues for the minimum annual salary of $720,000. However, there is no movement to recruit any major league team. Rather, local media are citing Japan and Korea as Bauer’s destination. In other words, Bauer’s attitude, which is a red flag, has led to irreversible consequences.

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