“I didn’t even think of a trade” KIA→Hanwha, 150km Fireballer’s candid confession “When dealing with KIA…” 

Han Seung-hyeok (30), who is preparing for a new season at the Hanwha Eagles, was confident of a faster speed than last year.

In a spring camp interview held on the 11th (Korean time) at Mesa Bell Bank Park, Arizona, USA, Han Seung-hyuk said, “It feels good to be able to do it with a new feeling. I always started in the same place every year, but I am preparing with a different mood.” 

Han Seung-hyeok, who joined the KIA as a 2011 rookie draft 1st round (8th pick) nomination, drew great expectations with his fastball of over 150 km/h. However, he did not meet expectations with a career record of 228 games (411⅓ innings), 18 wins, 24 losses, 19 holds, 2 saves, and an average ERA of 5.84, and eventually came to Hanwha through a trade last November.

Han Seung-hyeok, who honestly confessed his feelings at the time, saying, “I was actually surprised to hear the news of the trade,” said카지노사이트, “It is true that I did not think that I would be traded. But it has been a great opportunity for me. You just have to prepare accordingly. I think baseball is the same everywhere,” he said.

Han Seung-hyeok’s trademark is, of course, a fastball that can travel over 150 km. “I am concentrating on improving my pitching,” said Han Seung-hyeok, “I was cautious about using my body because of concerns about injury because it was my first season last year after enlisting in the army. He wants to throw more power this year than last year. He thinks it will be better than last year. I think the restraints will increase a little more. It depends on the position, but I want to raise the average velocity a little. Last year, I felt myself losing stamina at the last minute,” he said, revealing his goal to increase his speed this season.

However, Han Seung-hyeok’s target restraint is not as high as expected. The goal is to record an average speed of 140 km in the second half. Han Seung-hyeok said, “The most important thing is control,” and explained that he would focus on maintaining stable control rather than excessively increasing velocity.

Han Seung-hyuk, who has been involved in KIA for 12 years, said, “If we meet KIA as an opponent, wouldn’t we still try to win. I think I’ll be happy, but I still have to put my happy heart aside on the ground,” he laughed.

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