‘I can’t do it! ’37-year-old eldest sister’ Hwang Yeon-ju with her arms rolled up… The juniors are left alone…

Suwon Reporter Kwak Gyeong-hun] Hwang Yeon-joo, the 37-year-old eldest sister, remembered her rookie days while looking at her juniors who were 18 years apart from her.

Hyundai E&C scored a set score 먹튀검증 of 1-3 (20-25, 15-25, 25-23, 11-20-25, 15-25, 25-23, 11-3) in the last home game against KGC Ginseng Corporation in the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the afternoon of the 16th. 25) was defeated.

Hyundai Geolseol, who finished second and confirmed spring volleyball, came out on the court with players who did not have as many opportunities as key players in order to arrange physical strength.

Instead of Yang Hyo-jin, Na Hyun-soo worked with Lee Da-hyun. Jung Ji-yoon and Chung Si-young played for the outside heater positions, and Montaño started, but was replaced in the second half of the first set. Lee Young-joo, born in 1999, took the place of Kim Yeon-gyeon as the libero.

Seo Ga-eun, born in 2004, was also substituted in the second half of the game. Seo Ga-eun entered the court as a replacement member on the 16th after being replaced in a match against IBK Industrial Bank in January of this year.

In the 4th set, KGC Ginseng Corporation’s sub aces, Seo Ga-eun and Lee Young-joo, were clearly embarrassed. Seo Ga-eun moved her older sister Libero Young-joo Lee to Ga-eun Seo.

However, the position of the two players was not good from the perspective of Hwang Yeon-joo, the ‘flower deer’ in the back. Hwang Yeon-ju, who moved the positions of the two players himself, returned to his seat and laughed while holding his stomach, wondering what he was thinking.

▲ Seo Ga-eun and Lee Young-joo of Hyundai E&C are embarrassed by KGC Ginseng Corporation’s sub-ace.

▲ Hwang Yeon-joo takes the place of Seo Ga-eun.

▲Hwang Yeon-joo is holding her stomach and smiling after informing the junior players who are wandering on the court where they are.

At the age of 37, Hwang Yeon-joo, who has a nickname from a deer to an antler, suddenly remembered her rookie days while watching the two wrestling players.

Even after that, Hwang Yeon-ju gave a lot of advice to his junior players and left the court after finishing the game, patting the shoulders of his junior players.

Meanwhile, Hyundai E&C will play the last game of the regular league against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 19th (Sun).

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