Hwang Chae-yeon, the new star of Pusan ​​National University preparing to return

Pusan ​​National University is preparing for the upcoming 2023 season.

Pusan ​​National University finished 1st in the league last season. However, unfortunately, they did not advance to the finals as they were beaten by Gwangju University in the semifinals.메이저놀이터

However, Pusan ​​National University was not at full strength throughout last season. Park In-ah (BNK) returned from injury, but Hwang Chae-yeon, the highly anticipated scorer, left the line due to a knee injury. He suffered a severe injury that ruptured his cruciate ligament, and he could not play at the end of the season or the beginning of the coming season.

It was not easy to pack up the power in various ways, with several players suffering from large and small injuries throughout the season. I faced Gwangju University at a point where my power wasn’t perfect, and I couldn’t get past the last hurdle. Last year was the first time Pusan ​​National University failed to advance to the finals since the league started.

Now, Pusan ​​National University is undergoing a new transformation. However, existing players are suffering from injuries. A large number of 3rd and 4th grade players are unable to play properly due to injuries, and it was not easy to practice 5-on-5 due to injuries.

Nevertheless, Pusan ​​National University was busy preparing for the season. Naturally, Hwang Chae-yeon is also in the process of quenching for his comeback. If she comes back, Pusan ​​National University deserves to be lined up. After light practice, I had a light conversation with Hwang Chae-yeon.

Hwang Chae-yeon said of her physical condition, “I am also exercising. He seems to have come up a lot,” he said. However, regarding the rehabilitation process, he said, “It was very difficult,” and “I think it was the first time. If it was the second time, it would have been more difficult,” she said, sticking out her tongue.

Starting with light training, she diligently devoted herself to training, going back and forth with the existing players on the court. She said, “I’m thinking of mid-May,” when it comes to a specific time to return. Pusan ​​National University’s Park Hyeon-eun coach also revealed, “I’ll be able to return only in the middle of the season.”

Chaeyeon Hwang has been far from her injury since she started playing basketball. She has been uninjured throughout her career, but this is the first time she has been seriously injured. This caused her to experience a season closeout for the first time. She also said, “It must have been particularly difficult for her because it was her first time. It was not easy for her to watch, and she felt sorry for her older sisters,” she said.

At that time, Hwang Chae-yeon performed well enough to be counted as the rookie of the year. However, during the season she was severely injured and she was taken off the line, so she did not make any connections. “It was regrettable at the time, but it has passed,” she said, explaining, “The goal is to prepare well for the coming season.”

If she returns next season, Hwang Chae-yeon is expected to be the main shooting guard. Last season, she had Chae-Yeon Hwang as point guard as In-Ah Park was badly injured at the beginning of the season and she couldn’t play. She was also confused. However, this time, she is expected to take on the duties that suit her, without any hesitation.

Even so, Hwang Chae-yeon said, “It was a time when she could study more than when she was exercising,” she recalled the time. It is assumed that as she watched the other players run on the bench, she established her role more and thought deeply about where and how to do it later.

He must have had a hard time because he was injured, but as he was a freshman last year, he had to adapt to college life. When asked about this, he said, “It was fun to do school life, such as doing assignments.”

When asked specifically, he said, “Meeting new people is memorable.” It is understood that he must have had to meet mainly with people he used to be with after catching a basketball, but it is understood that he must have accumulated a lot of new experiences with people he met while taking classes and studying as much as he went to college.

As much as I finally came back after a hiatus, I asked about the wind for this season. Hwang Chae-yeon said, “Of course I am not hurt. I want to play the season healthy,” he said. “I hope the shot goes well like last season. We need to recover our performance before the injury.”

Pusan ​​National University is expected to raise the number of wins if Hwang Chae-yeon returns. Currently, with the successive injuries of existing players, we have to expect a lot from the players who entered this time. If they melt well into the power and Hwang Chae-yeon returns and leads the attack, it is worth hitting up.

Coach Park also said, “We are in the process of matching breathing with existing players. It will never be easy, but I will try to hit it in the second half.” As all major powers have graduated, now Hwang Chae-yeon’s performance is more important than ever.

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