How far is the fall of a prestigious club… PL ‘Team Most Points’ record set

Liverpool, which is having the worst season in the 21st century, is expected to write a new record.

Under the 20-team system, it is approaching the most points conceded by an English Premier League club.

The European statistical media ‘Opta’ predicted that Liverpool would score 53 runs in the 2022/23 season if they finished the season on this trend. This corresponds to the club’s most goals conceded in one season if calculated from the 1995/96 season when the Premier League was reorganized into a 20-team system.

Liverpool have scored 34 goals and conceded 28 in 20 games this season.

The goal difference is +6, but considering the size of the Liverpool club and the name value of the players, it is not a satisfactory figure메이저놀이터. In particular, the number of conceded points is the same as Everton in 18th place, which is in the relegation zone, and rather more than West Ham United (26 goals) in 17th place, just above the relegation zone.

3rd place Manchester United also scored 28 points, but lost 0-4 to Brentford at the beginning of the season and collapsed 3-6 to Man City, only increasing the number of goals, but since November it has been stabilizing.

However, the situation is serious as Liverpool lost 3 goals in a row to teams that cannot be said to be better than Liverpool, such as Brentford, Brighton and Wolverhampton, only this month.

According to Opta’s prediction, if this sandcastle defense continues, it is expected to concede 53 goals in the 2022/23 season, setting a new club record after the launch of the Premier League.

The Premier League, which was launched in the 1992/93 season, operated with a 22-team system for the first three seasons and changed to 20 teams from the 1995/96 season.

Liverpool scored 55 goals in the 1992/93 and 1993/94 seasons, but after that, 50 goals were the most. However, as he allowed 53 goals this season, he was in danger of changing the history of the club.

In particular, Liverpool cannot avoid defensive anxiety as world-class center back Virgil van Dijk’s return this season is unclear due to injury.

It seems that coach Jurgen Klopp will worry a lot about how to overcome the poor defense in a match against a top-ranked team in the future, having conceded three goals to a mid- to low-ranking team.

Coach Klopp has been in the limelight for his so-called ‘gegenpressing’, which strengthens forward pressure, but this strong defensive strategy is not working this season.

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