Heungkuk Life loses scrimmage to Victoria…6 points from Kim Yeon-kyung in just one set

The women’s professional volleyball team lost its first match in Japan in five years. Heungkuk Life head coach Marcello Abondanza took care of his main players and checked their physical condition.

Heungkuk Life lost 1-3 in straight sets in a practice match against Victorina Himeji in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan on Friday.

Heungkuk Life’s top player, Kim Yeon-kyung, only played in the first set and watched the rest of the match from off the court.

Kim, who only played in the first set, scored six points, while outside hitter Kim Mi-yeon, the captain, contributed 14 points. Jung Yoon-ju and Park Hyun-ju also contributed 10 points apiece.

After arriving at the JT Marvelous Gymnasium the day before, the team held an afternoon training session before traveling to Himeji City for an away match.

“We played a scrimmage today after arriving yesterday, so we focused on acclimatizing and warming up the players,” said Abondanza.메이저사이트

“We have three more scrimmages to go, and we will focus on improving our reception perfection and working on our fast-break communication with the middle blocker and setter.”

Heungkuk Life will play its second practice game against JT Marvels on the 16th.

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