Hanyang University-Konkuk University and Sungkyunkwan University-Myongji University tied for 4th place (4 days overall)

Hanyang University and Konkuk University tied for fourth place.

Hanyang University defeated Dongguk University 79-71 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular league held at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium on the 5th. Return to 50% win rate with 4 wins and 4 losses. It pushed Dongguk University to 10th place (2 wins, 6 losses).

Hanyang University바카라사이트 utilized Park Seong-jae (183cm, G) and Shin Ji-won (198cm, F) at the beginning of the game. Outside resource Park Seong-jae and big man resource Shin Ji-won jointly scored 15 points in the first quarter, and Hanyang University finished the first quarter with a score of 23-19.

Kim Seon-woo (175cm, G) exerted his strength in the second quarter. He led the team’s offense with 6 points in the 2nd quarter alone. Kim Seon-woo and 4 players scored evenly. At the same time, the defense of Hanyang University was well done. Hanyang University finished the first half with a score of 41-30.

Hanyang University widened the gap with Dongguk University in the third quarter as well. Park Seong-jae and Shin Ji-won led the attack in the 3rd quarter, and Hanyang University’s defense tied Dongguk University’s 3rd quarter score to ’14’. Hanyang University seized the victory 62-44.

But in the 4th quarter, it hit a crisis. Dongguk University ace Park Seung-jae (180cm, G) allowed 12 points only in the 4th quarter. So, Hanyang University was in danger of a come-from-behind defeat.

However, Cho Min-geun (180cm, G) appeared in the 4th quarter. He drove in seven points, including three two-pointers in the fourth quarter alone. Pyo Seung-bin (190cm, F), one of the main resources, also contributed. Thanks to this, Hanyang University escaped the crisis of a come-from-behind defeat. Sungkyunkwan University, Myongji University, Dankook University, and Konkuk University tied for fourth place.

Meanwhile, Konkuk University defeated Sangmyung University 83-48 on the home court, Konkuk University Glocal Campus. Return to 50% win rate with 4 wins and 4 losses. Sungkyunkwan University, Myongji University, Dankook University, and Hanyang University tied for 4th place. We have laid the foundation to be within the playoff margin.

# Results of the University League on May 4th
1. Hanyang University (4 wins 4 losses) 79 (23-19, 18-11, 21-14, 17-27) 71 Dongguk University (2 wins 6 losses)
2. Konkuk University ( 4 wins 4 losses) 83 (18-14, 19-6, 22-21, 24-7) 48 Sangmyung University (1 win 7 losses)

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