‘Former Liverpool forward’ Andy Carroll, is he still playing? Renewed contract for 1 year and a half with Reading

 Andy Carroll (34, England) continues his career at Reading FC.

Redding said on the 11th (Korean time), “My contract with Carroll was due to expire in mid-January. However, he signed a new contract until the summer of 2024 and continued to accompany Carol. We are delighted to announce this news to our fans.”

Reading signed Carroll on a short-term contract on 15 September 2022. The contract period was only four months, but with this new contract, Carroll will play for Reading for two seasons.

Reading general manager Mark Bowen said: “Carol is an exemplary player both on and off the pitch. Renewing the contract with Carroll was our top priority. I am happy that Carroll can play for our team longer.”

Redding coach Paul Ince also said, “Carol is the best example for young strikers. Not only does he score goals, but his attitude towards every game and every training session is unique,” ​​he said. His experience and attitude set an example for all players.” 메이저놀이터

A native of Newcastle United youth, Carroll made his professional debut for Newcastle in 2006. In 2011 he moved to Liverpool. The transfer fee paid by Liverpool amounted to 35 million pounds (approximately 53 billion won). He was at the time the highest transfer fee ever for Liverpool. Expectations were even higher because it was right after Fernando Torres moved to Chelsea.

But he left Liverpool with nothing but disappointment. Carroll came out of Liverpool and played for West Ham, Newcastle, Reading and West Brom, and wore the Reading uniform again last fall.

Reading are currently in the Championship, the second division of England. In the 2021-22 season, they narrowly escaped relegation by coming in 21st out of 24 teams. This season, he is ranked 13th. Seol Gi-hyeon, coach of Gyeongnam FC, is also well known for the team he played for in the 2006-07 season.

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