Football Association in Crisis… Chairman Chung Mong-kyu announced the ‘Personnel Reform Plan’

Eliminate the executive director who was from Gyeonggi-in, and
Müller’s Power Enhancement Chairman, etc., are
former 2nd Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vice Chairman Kim Jung-bae,
“I will complete the

promotion and relegation system from 1 to 7”. The Korea Football Association

presented a personnel reform plan, ㅋㅋㅋ벳including hiring a former vice minister of culture, sports and tourism as a full-time vice president.

Chung Mong-kyu, chairman of the Korea Football Association, held a press conference at the Seoul Shinmun-ro Soccer Hall on the 2nd and announced the appointment of 25 new board members, including hiring Kim Jeong-bae (57), former second vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as full-time vice chairman. This board of directors will lead the association’s internal and external activities until January 2025, when Chairman Chung’s term ends.

The most notable thing about the composition of the board of directors is the abolition of the executive position and the introduction of the full-time vice chairman system. The association abolished the executive position held by a person from Gyeonggi Province and entrusted former Vice Minister Kim, who was from a non-Gyeonggi person, with the heavy responsibility of full-time vice chairman. Chairman Chung said, “We decided that it was important to have administrative experts adjust the internal organization and raise the association’s administrative power to a higher level.”

Vice-Chairman Kim said, “I have been in administration for 30 years, and I love soccer very much, so I gladly accepted the association’s proposal.” Vice Chairman Kim continued, “I will contribute to the development of the sports industry by completing the Korean soccer promotion and relegation system for the 1st to 7th divisions.”

The vice presidency includes commentator Han Joon-hee (Public Relations), former head coach Jang Oe-ryong (technical), Won Young-shin (female) professor emeritus at Yonsei University, Ha Seok-joo (school soccer) head coach at Ajou University, Choi Young-il (tournament management) former national representative, Lee Seok-jae (city/province association representative) The head of the Gyeonggi-do Football Association was appointed. Vice Chairman Choi Young-il and Lee Seok-jae were retained.

As the subcommittee chairpersons, Haeseong Chung, chairman of the competition, Michael Müller, chairman of the National Power Enhancement Committee, Limsaeng Lee, technical development chairman, and Seo Dongwon, medical chairman, remained. Attorney Yoon-Nam Lee (Law Firm Pacific) was newly appointed as the Chairperson of Women and Ethics, Attorney Sojin Sojin (law firm Lee & Ko), former prosecutor, and Tae-Young Kim, former national coach, were newly appointed as Chairperson of Social Contribution.

On the board of directors are Jo Yeon-sang, secretary general of the Korea Professional Football Federation, Kang Myeong-won, former FC Seoul general manager, Park Jae-soon, former Suwon Samsung representative, Jo Deok-je, FC Mokpo coach, Shin Yeon-ho, Korea University coach, Lee Geun-ho, head of the male professional players association, Ji So-yeon, Ji So-yeon, female professional player association director, and Won-seok Won. Former Sports Seoul editor-in-chief, Noh Su-jin, a former national team teacher at Yeongdeungpo Technical High School, Jeon Jeon-rim, a teacher at Deokseong Girls’ High School, and Park In-soo, former general affairs director of the National Football Federation, were newly named.

Chairman Chung said, “The association has had a difficult time over the past month.”

In March, the association decided to pardon 100 participants in various misconduct, including match-fixing, but immediately withdrew it after failing to overcome public criticism from society. In the process, the vice-chairman and the board of directors took responsibility and resigned.

Chairman Chung explained, “I was worried about whether I should step down, too. When asked if he thought this term would be his last, Chairman Chung replied, “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

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