‘First starting pitching in debut → 1st team erasure’ Oh Seung-hwan’s realization “I can afford it”

 Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung), the ‘final boss’, climbed the starting mound for the first time in his pro debut on the 3rd against Daegu Kiwoom. 

Oh Seung-hwan had 1 win,스포츠토토 1 loss, 4 saves and 2 holds, and an average ERA of 4.50 in 10 appearances prior to the match, which did not match his reputation. In response, pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook suggested to manager Park Jin-man that playing long innings using his past experience would help recover his senses, and Seung-hwan Oh’s starting debut match was successful. 

He threw 73 against 20 batters in 5 innings. He took five hits, including a home run, but did not allow them with just one pitch. He struck out six while giving up three runs. His best speed was 149 km. He became a losing pitcher as he was not helped by the batting line, but he proved himself that he could bounce back. Oh Seung-hwan was canceled from the first-team entry on the 4th in order to recharge. 

Oh Seung-hwan, whom we met at Gyeongsan Ball Park on the 9th, looked back on his starting debut and said, “The coaching staff gave me a chance and I just thought that I had to get better. I went out as a starter to regain my senses while playing long innings. It got better, and after the inning, I continued to talk with pitching coach Jung Hyun-wook. I also think that it will get better (with my first start in my debut).” 

Manager Park Jin-man commented on Seung-Hwan Oh’s first start in his debut, “He seemed nervous in the beginning, but he seemed to be getting better as time went on. He seems to have regained his pace by increasing the number of pitches.” Following ” 

In response, Oh Seung-hwan said, “All the players are working hard, so I have to be of some help. I have to do my best to bring the bullpen back to normal.”

Regarding the rumor that he would leave the ground after his debut, he said, “I think I am in good shape and can throw a good ball. Leaving is not polite to the fans.” 

Looking at the living legend’s thorough self-management and diligent training attitude, the younger pitchers of the Future Team said, “It’s different, too.” Oh Seung-hwan said humbly, “Every player should do their best while wearing a uniform.” 

Oh Seung-hwan, who had been running only forward, got an opportunity to look back on himself after the first-team entry was canceled. 

“After coming down (to the Future Team), I thought a lot. I thought that I had been focusing too much on the game. Since there are no games today and tomorrow, I can say that I have more time. “I tried my best not to get hit by myself. So I didn’t see anything else. I’ve been playing professionally since 2005, but it seems to keep repeating itself. When I’m in the same situation, I get chased myself. I definitely had that situation last year, and it repeated this year.” . Seunghwan Oh says: 

Oh Seung-hwan went through ups and downs last year, but proved his reputation by recording 31 saves. He is no different this year. His form is temporary, but his class is eternal. I have no doubt that over time, he will naturally regain his original skills. Oh Seung-hwan is Oh Seung-hwan.

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