Fiorentina, theatrical goal in the second half of extra time… Europa Conference League finals

Fiorentina (Italy) advanced to the final of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa Conference League (UECL) with the winning goal scored in extra time in the second half of extra time.

Fiorentina won 3-1 after overtime in an away game against FC Basel (Switzerland) in the second leg of the 2022-2023 UEFA Europa Conference League semifinals held at St. Jakob Park in Basel, Switzerland on the 19th (Korean time).스포츠토토

Fiorentina, who lost 1-2 in the first leg at home, took revenge in the second leg away and won the first and second leg 4-3 in total to win the ticket to the final. Fiorentina will face West Ham United (England) in the final on June 8 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The second half ended with Fiorentina leading 2-1, and the two teams went into overtime with a total of 3-3 in the first and second legs. In the 9th minute of added time in the second half of extra time, Fiorentina broke the game with Antonin Barak’s thrilling final goal.

With this, Fiorentina became the first team to reach the final of all four UEFA club competitions. They were runners-up in the UEFA Champions League in 1957 and also in the Europa League in 1990. Also, in the now abolished Cup Winners Cup, they won the championship in 1961 and finished runner-up in 1962. The Europa Conference League is a European club competition in the level following the Champions League and the Europa League.

Fiorentina reached the final of a European club competition 33 years after finishing runners-up in the 1990 Europa League. West Ham, the final opponent, is the final stage for the first time in 47 years.

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