finally exploded! Burns’ emotional ‘explosion’ at the club after losing salary adjustment

Corbin Burns, the 2021 National League Cy Young Award winner, expressed his disappointment with the Milwaukee Brewers team after a salary adjustment loss.

Burns asked for $10.75 million, and Milwaukee offered $10.01 million.

The three-member coordination committee sided with the club.

According to MLBTR, regarding the arbitration result, Burns aimed at Milwaukee, saying, “The wound is big. I’m disappointed메이저놀이터.”

” We’re pros. Regardless of the outcome, we’re going to do our job,” Burns said. It was unnecessary to mention it first.”

Burns admitted that while Milwaukee did not attack his character or disparage himself as a person at any point, there were things that hurt his feelings during his hearing.

Burns was disappointed that Milwaukee made no effort to avoid the hearing.

Milwaukee, who won the case, said, “The arbitration process always makes both the club and the players uncomfortable. Hearing a member of the Milwaukee family is never an easy task. We see Burns as one of the leaders of our franchise, and he plays a key role in the game.” “I’d like to reiterate that we rate him as an elite talent. Burns has made a huge contribution to the organization both on and off the pitch and we look forward to another stellar season from him in 2023.”

Burns will do his best this season as he accepts the results professionally, but there’s a good chance he’s already erased Milwaukee in his mind.

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