‘Even with a tight schedule…’ SK coach Jeon Hee-chul is confident: “We’re going to the championship”

“We need to finish in the top four in the regular season.”

The goal for the favorite was modest. Of course, the real goal is to make it to the championship game and win it. But the regular season goal is to finish in the top four. There was a reason for that. It’s a tough schedule. An initial 10-game road trip awaits, as well as the East Asian Super League (EASL).

SK head coach Jeon Hee-cheol said before the team’s practice match in the United States on Thursday (June 14), “I don’t like being called a favorite. No team has ever done well after hearing such an assessment. It’s more of a burden than an expectation,” he said, adding, “I only see the shortcomings, but it’s a burden when you’re around. Confidence comes from opening the season. We’ll know when we play the first round.”

He continued, “We are not lacking members. We just don’t have Ahn Young-joon at the beginning, and Oh Se-geun is building up his body. Kim Sun-hyung is also back from the Asian Games. It’s a core of domestic players, but we don’t have time to put the three together.” “After the first home game in the first round, it’s a 10-game road trip. Plus, we have to go to Okinawa, Japan for the EASL. We have to play at least 60 games (54 in the regular season), and if we go up in the EASL, it could be 62, maybe even 64. That’s what I’m worried about,” he added.

That’s why the team has set a goal of finishing in the top four in the regular season.

“We need to get to the championship game. However, the regular season schedule is too tight, so I think we should finish in the top four.”

Despite Jeon’s hand-wringing, SK is in a stronger position than it was after the championship. Choi Jun-yong left for KCC, but they brought in free agent Oh Se-geun. He added height to SK’s speed. Additionally, Ahn Young-joon will join the team in mid-November after completing his military service (full-time reserve).

SK has been the fastest offense in both seasons under Jeon Hee-chul. They averaged 6.9 fastbreaks per game in his first season and 5.9 last season. The team’s colors will not change with the addition of Oh. They will continue to run in the 2023-2024 season.카지노

Head coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “Team colors are sometimes created by players. “Our set plays are stronger (thanks to Osegun), but we won’t slow down,” said Jeon. I’ve also asked him to make one fastball per game. I’m going to try to make at least five fast breaks this season.”

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