‘ERA 0.00’ save 1st solo runner Seo Jin-yong, worrying about the back door of SSG is a thing of the past

Worrying about the back door of SSG Landers has become a thing of the past.

SSG is running first in the regular season this season as well. It’s not a situation to keep ‘wire to wire’ like last season, but the losing streak isn’t long, and it’s the highest ranking while winning more.

In the Gwangju expedition from the 9th to the 11th, a 2-1 ‘winning series’ was made against the KIA Tigers. On the first day of the week, he lost 0-3 in the ‘ace matchup’ between Kim Gwang-hyun and Yang Hyeon-jong, but later caught two games in a row.

On the 10th and 11th,먹튀검증 they won 5-3 in succession. In the process, closer pitcher Seo Jin-yong led the team’s winning streak by keeping the last one scoreless. Added two consecutive saves.

Seo Jin-yong is leading the league with his 15th save. He is far ahead of second place Lotte Giants Kim Won-joong (8 saves). The more eye-catching record is that the average ERA is ‘0’. He threw 17⅓ innings, allowing only one run (no earned run).

It has been good since 2019, when it took second place (33) in holds. At that time, Seo Jin-yong played the role of the team’s winning team with 3 wins, 1 loss, 4 saves, 33 holds, and an average ERA of 2.38 in 72 games.

Seo Jin-yong is a player who consistently holds the center of the bullpen for the first team. It is the same this year. He didn’t exercise more than last year. That doesn’t mean that the preparations for last season were insufficient.

Seo Jin-yong, whom I met during camps in the US and Japan in February and March, said, “I worked hard every year since the off-season. It is the same this year. He doesn’t know what results he will achieve this year, but he is always working hard, the same way.”

In fact, ahead of this season, coach Kim Won-hyeong and the SSG coaching staff had concerns. Compared to the relatively relaxed starting lineup, the bullpen had to redefine its frame. During the camp, there were players who caught the eye of coach Kim, but left-hander Kim Taek-hyung, who was in the Pilseungjoo last year, and Jang Ji-hoon, who played the role of ‘Madangsoe’, both enlisted in the Sangmu, so there was a concern about the vacancy.

Besides Seo Jin-yong, Noh Kyung-eun, and Choi Min-jun, someone else had to fill the positions of the departed players. In particular, filling the vacancy of Kim Taek-hyung, who had the most saves in the team last year, was a top priority.

Over the past three years, the SSG bullpen has been 6th with an ERA of 4.68 in 2022, 4th with an ERA of 4.42 in 2021, and 10th with an ERA of 5.94 in 2020. I tried to strengthen the back and tailgate more. Seo Jin-yong is doing it perfectly.

The SSG bullpen ERA this year is 2.20, the lowest among the 10 teams. Seo Jin-yong, a reliable closer, has a significant share. I wish I could put an end to ‘The back door is uneasy’.

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