Don’t even look at Tottenham! Interested in Barcelona-Real…Studying Spanish

 Tottenham Hotspur is not interested.

On the 21st, Florian Plettenberg, a reporter for ‘Sky Sports’ in Germany, mentioned about the future of coach Thomas Tuchel through his SNS.

There is no Tottenham in Tuchel’s plan, but he prefers Barcelona and Real Madrid and is known to be studying Spanish.카지노사이트

Coach Tuchel is also interested in the Juventus command tower, but it is said that not right now.

The winds of change blew as Chelsea switched to the Todd Boelli owner system. First, I put my hand on the command tower.

Tuchel was sacked by Chelsea for being responsible for the 0-1 shock defeat in the first leg of the Champions League group stage against Dinamo Zagreb.

No matter how shocking the defeat was, everyone responded that it was a questionable decision for the manager who led the Champions League victory so easily.

Tuchel, who is living a wild life, is connected to several teams, but Tottenham, whose position is in jeopardy due to poor performance recently, was also mentioned.

However, there is no Tottenham in Tuchel’s mind, and Barcelona and Real Madrid appear to be priorities.

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