Doing it, now even threatening… “Confess” to Son Jun-ho “Cooperate” Chinese media’s compulsion

“(Bae) Jun-ho and (Lee) Young-jun have to score at least three more goals.”스포츠토토

On the 2nd (Korean time), the FIFA (International Football Federation) U-20 (Under 20) World Cup Round of 16 was held at Unico Madre de Ciudades Stadium in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Coach Kim Eun-joong (44), who made it to the quarterfinals, watched Bae Jun-ho (20, Daejeon) and Lee Yeong-jun (20, Kim Cheon Sangmu) and said, “There is a reason they were put together. Together, they promised to score at least six goals,” he laughed. During this tournament, the two share the same room. As defender Choi Seok-hyeon (20, Dankook University) scored an additional goal in this series of goals from the “high-class roommate,” Korea beat Ecuador 3-2 and joined the quarterfinals. Japan and Iraq were eliminated in the group stage, and Uzbekistan was knocked out by Israel in the round of 16, leaving only Korea in Asia.

South Korea has made it to the quarterfinals or higherWhile the charges against Son Jun-ho (Shandong Taishan) of the Korean soccer team, who has been detained by the Chinese public security for three weeks, are rarely revealed, Chinese media are instigating the public that Son Jun-ho should actively cooperate with the authorities.

Son Jun-ho has been detained by public security authorities in Liaoning Province after being arrested at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, China on the 12th of last month. Son Jun-ho, who had been on vacation with the permission of acting coach Fabio due to flu symptoms, was caught in front of the boarding gate while trying to leave the country with his family.

It is known that Son Jun-ho is being charged with ‘non-state espionage bribery’ and has already been detained for three weeks. It applies to cases where a person belonging to a company or other unit that is not a government agency illegally accepts the property of another person for the convenience of his or her job. It means that they captured the circumstances in which they participated in match-fixing and received illegal money.

However, the exact charges against Son Jun-ho and what kind of investigation procedures are being taken are still unknown. For this reason, on the morning of the 1st, the Korea Football Association dispatched Jeon Han-jin, head of the management division, and an in-house lawyer to China, and met with local lawyers and officials from the Chinese Football Association to understand the exact details of the case involving Son Jun-ho.

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China’s ‘’ said on the 2nd (Korean time), “Korean Son Jun-ho is the first foreign player involved in this incident in the Chinese Super League, so he is attracting attention from the media and fans after he was arrested. However, there is little information about Son Jun-ho. It is because of the sensitive foreigner status that it is not revealed, and the specific situation is unknown.”

At the same time, the media explained, “The great reversal has just begun,” and “Son Jun-ho said, ‘Basically, it’s okay.’ It is said that he was cleared of the previously known ‘non-state workman’s bribery charge’.

At the same time, citing an article on social media, Son Jun-ho’s defense success rate is over 90%, while his teammate Jin Jing-dao’s problems are relatively serious. He claimed that it appeared to have monopolized and remitted 26.58 million yuan (about 4.9 billion won) of ‘gambling funds’ overseas. This means that Son Jun-ho is unlikely to be involved in match-fixing, while Jin Jing-dao may have been involved in match-fixing.

Son Jun-ho’s teammate, Jin Jing-dao, is of ethnic Korean descent. He is also known in Korea as a player with the Korean name of ‘Kim Gyeong-do’. Jingdao Jin is detained along with three other colleagues on charges of match-fixing and gambling. As Son Jun-ho was friendly with Jin Jing-dao, who can communicate in Korean, it is speculated that he must have been involved in the crime.

The media said, “As everyone knows, Son Jun-ho and Jin Jing-dao have a very good relationship. They are both Korean and share a common language, so we were able to play together.” “Son Jun-ho called Jin Jing-dao ‘big brother’. Son Jun-ho already had a bad habit of drinking because of Jin Jing-dao, who often took Son Jun-ho out for drinks after matches.”

In particular, the media said, “Son Jun-ho is currently under investigation. Needless to say, he has a very close relationship with Jin Jing-dao, but we do not know how many match-fixing games Son Jun-ho helped Jin Jing-dao or how much ‘black money’ he collected. So his confession This is very important,” he insisted.

At the end, the media said, “Jin Jingdao was first arrested and investigated, and Son Jun-ho was detained at the airport shortly after leaving China. In order to catch Son Jun-ho, there must be a little evidence.” I don’t think most people will believe it easily. What Son Jun-ho has to do now is to actively cooperate with the investigation by the authorities, as much as ‘he is lenient if he confesses, but strict if he resists’.”

On the 1st, ‘’ reported that it obtained a screenshot of a group chat room of a fan club, and claimed, “Son Jun-ho played in 4 match-fixing matches in the Chinese Super League last season under the guidance of Jin Jing-dao.”

It was speculated that Jin Jingdao was detained with three other colleagues on charges of match-fixing and gambling, and that Son Jun-ho must have been involved in the crime as he was friendly with Jin Jing-dao, who can speak Korean.

Chinese media admits that there is little information about Son Jun-ho’s allegations. However, adding all kinds of speculation, it seems that Son Jun-ho is being treated as a criminal, saying that he was involved in a crime. in the U-20 World Cup in 1983 (4th place), 1991 (quarterfinals, single team), 2009 (quarterfinals), 2013 (quarterfinals), and 2019 (runner-up) ), this is the sixth. The opponent in the quarterfinals is Nigeria at 2:30 am on the 5th. Nigeria came up with a 2-0 victory over Argentina, the host country, which was aiming for the championship the previous day.

The solution was Bae Jun-ho (1 goal, 1 help). Wearing the ace uniform number (number 10), he advanced to the front left of the opponent’s penalty box with a dribble in the 11th minute of the first half, then stopped for a moment and crossed with his right foot to Lee Young-jun, who was in front of the opponent’s goal. After trapping the ball exquisitely with his chest, Lee Yeong-joon fired a strong right-footed volley shot, which went right into the net. Lee Young-joon’s second goal following the group stage match against France on the 23rd of last month (header goal). Lee Young-jun said, “I told Jun-ho in advance, ‘Please give me a cross when I run to the back space,’ and I’m happy that the promised play matched well.”

After that, Bae Jun-ho solved the problem himself. In the 19th minute of the first half, he received a pass from right fullback Park Chang-woo (20, Jeonbuk) and faked a shot in the penalty box, turning the ball in the opposite direction, fooling one defender and goalkeeper and kicking it with his right foot. It was a moment of individual brilliance. After that, the pattern of chasing and being chased continued. In the 36th minute of the first half, Park Chang-woo (20, Jeonbuk Hyundai) grabbed the opponent’s arm at the left end of the penalty box, but the player fell and the referee blew a penalty kick. The players protested and even VAR (video review), but to no avail. 2-1.

Choi Seok-hyun rejoices after scoring the third goal in the second half match between Korea and Ecuador in the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup Round of 16 held at Santiago del Estero Stadium in Argentina on the afternoon of the 1st (local time) there is. /yunhap news

However, in the 3rd minute of the second half, captain Lee Seung-won (20, Gangwon) sharply fired a corner kick and Seok-hyun Choi headed it in, making the score 3-1. Lee Seung-won’s fourth attack point (1 goal, 3 assists) in this tournament, and Choi Seok-hyun’s ‘repentance goal’, which made up for the late exit (cumulative warning) against Honduras in the second game of the group stage. Choi Seok-hyeon said, “I was tormented by self-blame, but I was able to shake it off quickly because his colleagues comforted me.” Ecuador made up for one goal out of confusion in the 39th minute of the second half, and pursued it to 3-2, but could no longer break through the Korean goal, which was defended by land bullets.

Bae Jun-ho, who plays in Daejeon, raised expectations as K-League’s representative Young Gun and technician Kim Eun-joong. However, due to a muscle injury, he missed the first leg of the group stage and did not show much. Director Kim gave him a special prescription called ‘special training’. On the 31st of last month, when the national team arrived in Santiago del Estero, the final round of 16, while other players were practicing recovery, Bae Jun-ho collapsed on the field and screamed in ‘hell training’. Bae Jun-ho said, “It was to boost my stamina, which I lost because I couldn’t run due to a muscle injury.” He said, “There was a lot of pressure because he couldn’t show his skills in the previous game, but he overcame it with the encouragement of his friends.”

Kim Eun-joong-ho young fighters shout the slogan of ‘one team’ when they start training. It is to emphasize the strong camaraderie. Coach Kim said, “We were able to win because all 21 players, including the players on the bench today as well as (Park) Seung-ho, who returned home from an injury during the match against Honduras, became one.” On this day, the players held up the uniform (No. 18) of Park Seung-ho (20, Incheon), who dropped out due to an injury, while taking a The Argentine media, which is hosting the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup, could not keep their mouth shut due to the tremendous achievements of the Korean U-20 national team.

The Korean U-20 soccer team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, won 3-2 in a match against Ecuador in the round of 16 of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup held at the Santiago del Estro Stadium in Argentina on the 2nd (Korean time).

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