Does Milwaukee like the KBO? Following Thames and Lindblom, Ruff also embraces… $700,000 investment

The Milwaukee Brewers signed 2015 KBO MVP Eric Thames to a three-year contract. It worked relatively well.

After having fun, 메이저놀이터 Milwaukee also signed a three-year contract with Josh Lindblom, a 20-win KBO pitcher in 2019.

But it failed. Lindblom played more than half of his three years in the minor leagues.

Now, Milwaukee has acquired Darin Ruff, who is considered one of the best foreign hitters in the KBO. His contract is for one year.

After signing Ruff on the 15th (Korean time), Milwaukee included him on their 40-man roster.

From 2017 to 2019, Ruff, who played an active role as the fourth hitter in the KBO Samsung Lions, successfully returned to the big leagues through a minor league contract with San Francisco in 2020.

After two seasons where he was particularly strong against lefties, San Francisco signed Ruff to a two-year contract.

However, after a poor performance last year, San Francisco traded Ruff to the New York Mets during the season.

The Mets hoped for a shot in the rough, but failed.

He was eventually released from the Mets. San Francisco had him back, but injuries got in the way.

Eventually, San Francisco also nominated Ruff for transfer (DFA). When no team wanted him in a trade, San Francisco tried to send Ruff to the minor leagues.

However, Ruff refused and chose free agent status.

As a result, Milwaukee signed a one-year contract with Ruff.

Ruff’s $3 million salary should be paid by the Mets. Milwaukee only needs to pay the MLB minimum salary.

Attention is focusing on whether Ruff will succeed in making a comeback in Milwaukee.

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