“Do you know how cleanly Son Heung-min kicks the ball with both feet?” Tottenham teammates also fell in love

 His colleagues fell in love with Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham), who broke through 100 goals in the Premier League.

Son Heung-min scored the opening goal in the 카지노31st round of the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL) against Bournemouth on the 15th (Korean time). Tottenham lost 2-3. With the goal that day, Son Heung-min scored a total of 143 goals for Tottenham and tied for 6th place with Jermaine Defoe.

Son Heung-min became the first Asian player to break 100 goals in the Premier League and set his record. Particularly noteworthy is that Son Heung-min scored evenly with both his left and right feet.

Tottenham teammate Ben Davies said: “The thing to note about Sonny is how cleanly he kicks the ball. In training, you can see Sonny using his feet freely. Heung-Min Son always kicks the ball with the same power and precision. Goalkeepers are surprised when they know how hard Son Heung-min kicks the ball.”

Davis said, “Sonny contributes a lot to the team even without scoring. Contributing to the team so efficiently and consistently is something special. There are a lot of wingers, but there are no players with as high a contribution as Sonny. It is a very impressive part of our team.” /

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