Developing Gangnam PHE 6th grade, winning a valuable championship ahead of entering middle school

Gangnam PHE’s youth, who are about to step into middle school, have left significant achievements.

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project메이저놀이터, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. The Gangnam PHE Basketball Class, which is participating in this project, participated in the 2nd Youth Basketball Festival by inviting excellent clubs held at the Namyangju Sports and Culture Center on the 25th.

Gangnam PHE, which participated in the 6th grade of elementary school, left the best result by winning the championship. These youths, who are about to enter middle school soon, have been putting in a lot of effort with Director Kang Woo-hyung to become a more sticky team since last year. Above all, in a situation where Jo Haram, one of the team members, is going to school to become an elite player, the remaining members have been sweating to unite more tightly.

Director Kang Woo-hyung, who delivered the news of the victory, said, “It seems that synergistic effects were created as all the players were put in as substitutes. In addition, each player took good care of his own play and actively participated in team play, so we were able to win the championship with good performance.” Smiled.

Park Yul and Choi Hyeon-woo played the role of the twin towers of the team properly in this competition. Director Kang praised him, saying, “The two friends did a good job of attacking and rebounding from under the goal.

Jo Haram, who played the tournament together with his teammates for the last time, also said that he led the team reliably as well as passing play as the main guard. Director Kang Woo-hyung said that Kang Dae-yeon also helped the team a lot with his strong defense and accurate mid-range shots.

Since last year, Kang Woo-hyeong, director of the 6th grade team, said, “(Cho) Haram, who was in charge of the ace, will be missing, but it can be an opportunity for the remaining children to gain confidence to grow further. It is time to strengthen the basics because we have to meet bigger and stronger opponents.” Accordingly, Gangnam PHE 6th graders, such as Han Ji-ho, Park Jae-young, Kim Jae-woo, Choi Young-hoon, and Lee Chang-min, are moving forward for greater growth.Meanwhile, Gangnam PHE, which also participated in the 5th grade division of this competition, won a valuable 1 win and was awarded the Encouragement Award. In response, Director Kang Woo-hyeong encouraged the youth, saying, “If you digest tactical and physical training based on basic skills until the next competition, you will be able to play a better game.”※ Assist For Youth is a project in which assists join forces with youth basketball classes across the country to promote youth basketball from 2022. Inquiries about joining the Up For You Project can be made through the official Instagram account (@assist_for_youth). 

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