Deoksu High School Shim Jun-seok completed the PIT initiation ceremony… “I wanted to play baseball in America”

Deoksu High School senior right-hander Shim Jun-seok (19), who earned the nickname “monster pitcher” by throwing an outstanding fastball in high school, stepped on the home field of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He announced that he had become a member of the pirate ship through a grand welcome ceremony.

On the 27th (Korean time), Shim Jun-seok held his initiation ceremony at PNC Park, Pennsylvania, USA. Earlier, it was a kind of welcome event to confirm the minor league contract with Pittsburgh.

At this meeting, Shim Jun-seok said, “I still have a long way to go, but I am really happy. I want to quickly go up to the major leagues and throw the ball,” he said.

Shim Jun-seok emerged as the biggest prospect by freely throwing a fast ball over 150 km/h and a curveball with a large drop in his debut match in the 2020 national competition when he was a freshman in high school. Following this, he became the subject of attention from major league scouts as well as the KBO League. 메이저사이트

The smell was also a hot topic. If he debuted in the KBO League, the overall first pick was likely, but Shim Jun-seok chose to advance to the United States for his dream. Although his value declined a little due to his 2nd and 3rd grade ball problems in high school, he achieved his dream of going abroad by signing with Pittsburgh.

On this day, of the United States said, “When Shim Jun-seok arrived at PNC Park where it snowed intermittently, many cameras followed him.” The club has carefully observed Shim Jun-seok for the past two years.”

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh presented Shim Jun-seok a uniform with the number 49 on it. Number 49 is the back number Shim Jun-seok wore at Deoksu High School.

Shim Jun-seok, who is now starting anew as a member of the pirate ship, said, “It was my dream to play in the United States. I think visiting PNC Park today will be a great motivator.”

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