Defense again’ unavoidable coach Conte fired

The resignation of coach Antonio Conte is inevitable.

Tottenham lost 2-4 in an away game against Manchester City in the ‘2022-23 English Premier League’ held at the Etihad Stadium on the 20th (Korean time).

The initial flow wasn’t bad. At the beginning of the first half, Man City took possession of the ball and led the game, but Tottenham broke through the attack through a quick counterattack.

The opening goal belonged to Tottenham. In the 44th minute of the first half, Tottenham’s forward pressure worked well and induced the opponent’s pass miss, and Kulusevski, who was located in front of the goal, calmly connected the shot and split Man City’s net.

It was Tottenham who dug into the gaps of the opponent even in the first half extra time that immediately followed. Tottenham took the ball near the half-line and proceeded with a counterattack, and when Harry Kane’s shot hit the opposing goalkeeper’s save and flowed out, Emerson, who rushed in, pushed it lightly with a header, taking a two-goal lead and heading to the locker room.온라인카지노

But Tottenham’s joy did not last long. Most of all, the defense, which has been a nuisance throughout the season, was a problem.

Tottenham gave up three goals at the start of the second half, and then tried to turn the atmosphere around by putting in a large number of substitutes, but collapsed as they scored one more goal at the end of the second half.

In particular, Ivan Perisic could not avoid the responsibility of conceding early in the second half. Perisic did not block his marksman properly at the time of the first and second goals, and finally missed a decisive scoring chance in the 15th minute of the second half, showing the worst on both sides of the ball and on the field.

The tactics of manager Antonio Conte, who insists on three-back, are also on the cutting board. Conte has been using three defenders and wing-backs on each side all season, but he is already being criticized for being caught by other teams.

The defense is providing too many goals due to poor defense, and in particular, Perisic, the left wingback, is causing total difficulties by eating up the defense that does not return after overlapping and Son Heung-min’s space.

In the end, when Tottenham lost against Arsenal in the last round, manager Conte’s hardship began to rise to the surface, and even a come-from-behind defeat against Man City came out in a bad atmosphere. With the hardship procedure seemingly inevitable, soccer fans are focusing their attention on who will be the next command tower.

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