Conte wanted it since last year… ‘Shock’ could go to relegation zone team

 The possibility that Antonio Conte (53, Italy) coach Nicolo Zaniolo (23, AS Roma) would go to Bournemouth (England), which he had longed for since last year, broke everyone’s expectations. It is reported that there was a positive conversation during the negotiation process between the clubs recently.

Multiple media outlets, such as Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ and Italy’s ‘Corriere dello Sport’, said on the 27th (Korean time), “Bournemouth have been moving to sign Zaniolo for the past few weeks and have had serious talks with AS Roma.” “It is reported that they offered the requested level of transfer fee,” they said in unison. 안전놀이터

Initially, the clubs that sent “love calls” to Zaniolo were Tottenham Hotspur (England), which moved at Conte’s request, and AC Milan (Italy), which needed reinforcements in attack. But while the two clubs were deadlocked in negotiations, Bournemouth stepped in and emerged as the front runners.

According to actual reports, Tottenham wanted to sign on loan, while AS Roma stuck to a complete transfer, so negotiations collapsed. In the case of AC Milan, 26.4 million pounds (approximately 40.2 billion won) was set as the minimum transfer fee for Zaniolo, but discussions have stopped because they do not intend to pay more than 17.6 million pounds (approximately 26.8 billion won).

However, it is ‘uncertain’ whether he will wear the Bournemouth uniform as Zaniolo only wants to transfer to a club participating in the European competition. In addition, experts analyze that the probability of moving the enemy is low as Bournemouth is staying in 18th place (17 points), the relegation zone of the English Premier League (EPL), while falling into a long slump.

Zaniolo is considered one of the most anticipated young players in Italy. After passing Virtus Entella and Inter Milan (above Italy), he wore an AS Roma uniform in 2018 and has scored 24 goals and 18 assists in 128 matches so far.

Standing 190cm tall and left-footed, Zaniolo has the versatility to play as a second striker, attacking midfielder, or wing forward. He has excellent ball control, dribbling and hitting pressure. His forward passing and powerful shooting are also strengths. However, due to an injury in which both cruciate ligaments were ruptured, the speed is slow and there are ups and downs in performance.

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