Confidence of the Korean WBC ace is already over 90%… “As usual, it will only get better”

 Koo Chang-mo (NC), who is expected to be the ace of the Korean national team at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March, has finished preparing to join the national team. He tuned his senses as he threw the ball with the batter standing up. So far the pace is satisfactory.

On the 13th (Korean time), Koo Chang-mo pitched live for the first time after entering the camp at Raid Park in Tucson, Arizona, USA.카지노사이트 He threw a total of 25 pitches against his fellow batters, including Park Gun-woo and Seo Ho-cheol. He mixed all the pitches he threw, as well as his fastball, and finished his last check before joining the national team.

The redemption has no special meaning yet, but more than 143 km per hour came out, and Gu Chang-mo also threw forward and showed confidence that he would get better. After live pitching, Koo Chang-mo met with reporters and explained, “It was my first pitching, and it wasn’t bad. I still have some regrets about the change of pitch and the first pitch, but I think I’ll get better with future matches.”

Gu Chang-mo explained the intensity of the pitching that day, “I think I threw more than 90%.” Although it is still mid-February, this suggests that he has steadily improved his physical condition in line with the WBC. Regarding the restraint, Gu Chang-mo said, “It doesn’t seem bad. There are parts that will come up more as the season goes on.”

After live pitching, Chang-mo Koo, who had a conversation with hitters such as Park Gun-woo and exchanged advice on the current pitch and the use of breaking pitches, will now join the WBC national team on the 15th. He is determined to compete in the tournament after enhancing his skills and senses at the national team camp, which will be set up at the Kino Sports Complex, which is about 10 to 15 minutes away by car from the NC camp.

Koo Chang-mo smiled, saying, “I’m in the same space, and I’m in Arizona, so there won’t be much difference. They play with us right away.” As much of the national team rests on Gu Chang-mo’s shoulders, he hopes that his team will return with good results.

Meanwhile, NC new foreign pitcher Eric Peddie also performed his first live pitching on this day. Peddy also threw every pitch he could throw, throwing a total of 26 pitches. “It’s his first live pitching, so he’s tired, but overall he’s happy. He’s thrown all the pitches he can throw, and he’s happy to be able to put in strikes,” said Peddie.

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