Coach Park Ki-won, who has a baton for the Thai national team, “I think we will catch the details of our college volleyball level”

Former Korean Air coach Park Ki-won, a seasoned veteran, takes the helm of the Thai men’s national team.메이저놀이터

Coach Park happily accepted the proposals of FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) and AVC (Asian Volleyball Federation) in February and led the Thailand men’s national team until October this year

. In particular, there are frequent AVC meetings, so I met Thai volleyball officials several times.,Director Park responded to Thailand’s earnest request, and as part of FIVB’s ‘volleyball globalization’ project, coach Park’s trip to Thailand was also decided.,Director Park Ki-

won “The contract was made by three people, the FIVB, the Thai Volleyball Association, and myself. Thailand wanted me. I made the decision without worrying too much.”Currently, coach Park explained the situation of the Thai men’s national team, ranked 64th in the FIVB, through simple documents and verbally

. He summarized, “It can be seen as a university level in Korea.” He

added, “The national team has already been convened. The former national team coach is directing the training. When I arrive in the field, I will lead the training right away. The existing coach The schedule for the Thai men’s national team is also busy this season .

In early May, the Southeast Asian Games will be held in Cambodia. In July, there will be a Challenger Cup in Taiwan, and in August The Asian men’s volleyball championship will be held in Iran, leading to the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

Coach Park Ki-won said, “Overall, I’m not tall, but some of them are fine. There are players over 2 meters in the national team and youth. There are also players in Japan as Asian quarters. At the same time, I plan to approach it technically. When I look at the video, I am mimicking it, but I want to tell you the details.”

Park has served as the head coach of the Iranian national team since 2002. In the Asian Games in Busan that year, he also achieved a silver medal. Coach Park said, “When I first led Iran, I wasn’t in a very good condition in many ways compared to Thailand now. I try to work with the idea of ​​raising the Thai national team. I’m going. I think it’s a talent donation.”

I plan to increase the amount of training as well. Director Park Ki-won said, “In the case of Korean Air, the players were systematically prepared. If they trained densely, they could finish the planned training in the planned time. The Thai national team took care of the details and improved the amount of training to even weight training. I think this will increase a little. You can’t order a lot in a very short time. I’m going to proceed while watching the situation.”

Director Park Ki-won left for Thailand on Asiana Airlines flight OZ741 at 6:55 pm on the 7th. We will immediately accelerate preparations for the Southeast Asian Games. Following Italy and Iran, the year 2023 of director Park Ki-won, who will demonstrate leadership this time in Thailand, has become busy.

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