Choi Joon-yong joins KCC… Harmonious ‘Jeonju Bibimbap Basketball’ anticipation

Professional basketball Jeonju KCC has emerged as a strong championship candidate by recruiting Choi Jun-yong (29), the best player (MVP) in the regular league for the 2021-2022 season.

KCC signed a contract with Choi Jun-yong, who obtained free agency (FA) qualification, for a contract period of 5 years and a total compensation of 600 million won in the first year (annual salary of 420 million won and incentives of 180 million won).

In the process메이저사이트 of coordinating the sign-and-trade format with a certain club, KCC, the ‘big hand’, joined the battle belatedly and caught a big fish.

The joining of Choi Jun-yong signaled the emergence of a new super team.

Last season, KCC simultaneously recruited Lee Seung-hyun and Heo Woong, two of the biggest FA players, for 750 million won. They are great resources. Following the joining of Choi Jun-yong, the leading forward Song Gyo-chang will be discharged from the military in November.

The four musketeers formed the national team lineup. Traffic control and time distribution according to overlapping positions of three players excluding guard Heo Woong are variables, but the value of the name is definitely the best candidate for the championship.

[Seoul = Newsis] Choi Jun-yong (left) and Lee Seung-hyun (photo = provided by KBL)
Choi Jun-yong is a tall forward of 200 cm, but he is a multi-resource who can handle everything from point guard to power forward.

With her stable ball handling, sense, and wide field of vision, she briefly served as a female commander in the national team. He also excels at big man defense with his long arms and height.

In the 2021-2022 season, when SK became the champion, it was Choi Jun-yong who bothered Oh Se-geun (SK, Ginseng Corporation at the time) the most. It was not revealed in his record, but the part that contributed to the championship was very large.

In the regular league this season, Choi Jun-yong played in all 54 games and averaged 16 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists, winning the MVP award.

His variables are his frequent injuries and his strong personality.

[Seoul = Newsis] Reporter Kwon Chang-hoe = The 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Round of 6 Playoff Game 2 held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 5th, the match between Seoul SK and Jeonju KCC, KCC Heo Woong is breaking through. 2023.04.05.
Choi Jun-yong only played 26 games in the regular league last season. He also suffered a heel injury in the short game and was unable to add strength. SK was satisfied with the runner-up after a close match in the 7th game of the championship match.

In addition, there are cases where issues outside the court that have nothing to do with basketball have affected the entire team, and the image of a player who is difficult to control due to sudden actions is strong.

Prior to Choi Jun-yong, last season’s championship MVP Oh Se-geun suddenly wore a SK uniform. He drew attention by meeting Kim Seon-hyeong, who shared the myth of 52 consecutive wins at Chung-Ang University.

SK’s key forward Ahn Young-joon will be discharged from the military. He is likely to become KCC’s strongest rival.

The two teams of Choi Jun-yong’s parents, SK and KCC, are expected to form a rivalry in a strange atmosphere throughout the 2023-2024 season.

[Jeonju=Newsis]Reporter Kim Eol = Jeonju KCC Song Gyo-chang takes a breath before taking a free throw in the match between Jeonju KCC Egis and Anyang KGC in the second leg of the 2020-2021 professional basketball championship finals held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium in Jeonju City, Jeonbuk Province on the 5th. . 2021.05.05.
Prior to Choi Jun-yong, KCC recruited Lee Ho-hyeon, who can play the role of point guard, and completed all the best possible puzzles.

Director Jeon Chang-jin is responsible for distributing their time and roles harmoniously so that they can taste as good as Jeonju Bibimbap. KCC’s support is so unconventional that no excuse for poor grades can be made.

KCC is challenging to reclaim the top 13 years after the 2010-2011 season champion.

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