Cho So-hyun, who wants to become more perfect, “My performance in this two-game series is 60 points”

Cho So-hyun, the core of Colin Belho midfielder, revealed her thoughts on her performance in the 2 consecutive A matches in April and her return to the national team after a long absence.

On the 11th, at the Yongin Mir Stadium in Yongin, 카지노사이트Gyeonggi Province, South Korea defeated Zambia 5-0 in a friendly match for the women’s national team. Lee Geum-min scored a hat-trick, and Park Eun-sun added two goals. Korea, which won 5-2 in the first match held on the 7th, ended its series of matches against Zambia with complete victories.

It was a two-game series with many achievements. First of all, the victory itself meant a lot. South Korea recharged its confidence ahead of the 2023 World Cups in Australia and New Zealand by winning a series of victories despite the national team’s signboard Ji So-yeon and key players Choi Yuri, Kang Chae-rim, Lee Min-ah, Shim Seo-yeon, and Lim Seon-joo missing from injuries.

Cho So-hyun, who met with reporters in the joint coverage area after the game, said, “The coach will also think about Plan B. You can consider rotation while thinking about the opponent, win probability, and score, but it seems that this was a game where I was able to increase my options.” Explain the meaning of yeonjeon.

It was also an achievement to see the possibility of lowering the dependence on ‘Ace’ Ji So-yeon. Cho So-hyun said, “Since So-yeon is a very good player, I depended on her a lot, but now when So-yeon catches the ball, I think we can alleviate her burden.”

It was also nice to see Jo So-hyun’s return. Cho So-hyun, who suffered from an injury for a while, played an A match about 9 months after the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Championship in July last year, and showed the same appearance in two games.

However, he is still not satisfied with himself. When asked to evaluate his own performance, he said, “I’m not that satisfied. About 60%? I’m a player with career and experience, so I have to reduce my misses. But when I saw it, there were some misses in these two games. A lot. In that sense, it seems to be around 6, 70%.”

There was also a rediscovery of Park Eun-seon. Veteran striker Park Eun-seon, who returned to the national team after about 7 years last year, was mainly used as a substitute, but was used in the 2nd consecutive A match where there were many injuries. He played the post play based on his overwhelming right to provide, and he tasted the goal for the first time in a long time. He scored 3 goals in 2 matches.

When Park Eun-sun scored, Cho So-hyun, who was hugged and shared joy, laughed at the question about the ceremony with Park Eun-sun, saying, “It’s good that my sister scored a goal. It’s been a long time since I scored a goal in a row, so I think my sister can gain confidence.”

Park Eun-seon’s role and expectations for the performance in the World Cup were also conveyed. “In our strike team, Eun-seon has the best post-playing ability. When Eun-seon caught the ball, she was able to break through even though there were two or three Zambian players. (World Cup opponent) In Germany, there are many players who have the same physicality as her sister. I’m also curious about how the director will use her. I hope she has a good body.”

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